Doing Well And Proud Of It!

So the last few days I’ve been doing really well! After I last talked to my therapist and we decided that I needed a more structured schedule when it came to exercising and facing my fears, I’ve been following through and feeling a lot better. I wake up at a certain time and follow a pattern every day. The times may not always be exact, but they’re pretty close and I try to do the same things every day as well.

I’m extremely proud of myself! I’ve been sticking to the schedule and I definitely notice a difference in how I feel. I feel more energized, I’m making more progress, and I feel better about my accomplishments.

Something I want to talk about is rewarding ourselves. My therapist mentioned how when I do well, I need to learn to give myself rewards and not depend on others to do so. He had a good point. Not everyone is going to appreciate your hard work and effort. You have to be the one to tell yourself and show yourself that you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished. How can you do this? Here are some examples!

  • Blogging
    • After I finish getting some things done, I come on here and start blogging. I work on the photo challenge and book challenge, along with writing anything else I may want to write. I also check out some other blogs!
  • Reading
    • As I’ve mentioned I’ve been reading The Da Vinci Code. This is another reward for my progress. I can just sit back, relax, and read!
  • Watch TV
    • I’m a big fan of watching TV shows and movies. Doing so helps me relax and makes me happy.
  • Working on my story
    • I’m about 120 pages into my story that I’ve been working on. Since I love writing, it’s an excellent way to reward myself for my progress.

Last but not least, getting better is a reward in itself. The more we practice on a consistent basis, the better we’ll get at managing our anxiety and making progress! I know that practicing consistently works, it’s worked for me and it can and will work for you if you try your hardest to succeed! As always, I wish you all the best!


21 Replies to “Doing Well And Proud Of It!”

  1. My therapist always had to remind me to reward myself as well. I’ve found that giving myself an incentive to get better really helps me feel like I’m making progress.

      1. I’m doing so well, I had an anxiety attack, causing my blood pressure to go up to a 911 – inducing phone call. My therapist cut me to every other week, so that I learn to use the resources I have at home/church, as well as self-soothing techniques such as my blogging, coloring books, my music and TV, since I’m “Doing so well.” Hmmph. That’s what I have to say about that. Oh, and she’s only a phone call away (That is when she actually answers the phone).

      2. So you’re struggling a little more? Sorry if I misunderstood. Maybe finding new soothing techniques will help and knowing that your therapist is a phone call away might prove to be helpful. Even if you don’t actually call, you have the comfort in knowing she’s there for you.

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