The Epically Awesome Award!

Awesome Award

I’ve been nominated by Sunesis at Atomic Words for The Epically Awesome Award! Thank you so much! It means so much to me! 🙂

The Award Rules:

  1. I know you are Awesome, tell us why.
  2. You are my friends and tell us about others.
  3. Be creative. It’s alright if you can’t be.
  4. I give no questions to be fully answered but let yourself go here. Thank you.


Why I’m Awesome:

I feel kind of conceited answering this (then again, I don’t find it conceited for anyone else to answer), but I think I’m awesome for the following reasons:

  • I’m kind. I truly care about people and try to help. Yes, I go through a lot with my anxiety, but I don’t feel that it makes it okay to not help others. In fact, I feel it gives me more reason to extend a helping hand.
  • I love people and animals.
  • I’m talented. I don’t know how good of a writer I am, but I think I’m pretty good. I try hard to use my writing for good as well.
  • I created this blog! I didn’t realize how many friends I’d make and people I’d be able to help, but I think it’s fair to say that I’ve managed to accomplish both (or at least I hope I’ve helped people).

Who Are My Friends?

My friends are the people who care about me, encourage me, and stick by my side even when things are tough. So many of you are my friends on here and you all mean so much to me. To name you all would take forever, but I hope you all know who you are! Also, I consider a lot of my family members my friends as well because without family, my life wouldn’t be the same. I also have friends who don’t read this blog, but still mean the world to me.

Be Creative

Hmm…I’ll write a quick poem (sorry if it’s not the best. Writing on the spot here!)

The smile forms across my face

As I see a sign that I am loved

A sign that I am appreciated

For all that I try to do


The fact that you are here

The fact that you bring me joy

Is one of the very reasons

That I’m so thankful for you

© B.G. ,, 2015.

–For all of you, especially Sunesis for nominating me for this awesome award!


Questions (because I find them fun!)

1.) What’s the last book you read?

2.) What are your plans for the holidays?

3.) What are you especially proud of?

4.) Are there any movies you’re looking forward to seeing?

5.) I was watching the movie Needful Things last night based off of a Stephen King book. If you went into a store and they had anything you wanted. What would be the one thing you’d want?

6.) What’s the scariest/creepiest movie you ever saw?

7.) What gift do you want most for the holidays?


My nominees:

Mary from marysaverageadventures

Kim from Peace, Love and Patchouli

Jen from The Anxiety Chronicles

Shaun from Tales in Anxiety

Carla from The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise

Jade from Jade Moore

And really all of you!





There’s nothing to hide

Matt from The Pebble in My Shoe shares the importance of speaking about our mental health issues. He also reminds us that we are strong and not weak. Please check out his great blog!

In Silence We Suffer

For sufferers of depression and anxiety it’s easy to feel ashamed. But we shouldn’t. Depression is an illness, an indiscriminate illness that does not care who it afflicts.
But I ask you how are we supposed to recover when we hide the truth from those that know us best?
There is nothing weak in admitting how you truly feel to someone. It takes great courage and strength to talk so openly. Nevertheless it’s something that we’re all capable of doing.
It’s natural to fear what others might think or say. I still do. But they’ll be so incredibly proud of you for opening up and being so honest if you decide to do so. There’s nothing to hide.
We’re not failures. We’re not weak. We are incredibly strong. We have to be in order to survive.

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Letters To The Mind Update

Jade from Jade Moore is doing a great job of working on her new blog Letters to the Mind. I think Jade’s idea to write letters, poems, and other pieces of writing to our mental health issues is a great idea! Jade is also going above and beyond and has posted a Helpful Links page for anyone who is struggling with mental health issues and is looking for some extra help. While this page is still in progress, there are already some great sites to check out!

If you haven’t checked out Jade’s new blog yet, please do!

The “I’m Glad I Learned” Challenge

So I was reading a post written by Kendra over at Reads and Treats and stumbled across this challenge. She nominated all her readers and I thought I’d participate! Feel free to do the same!


  • List 5 things you are glad you learned in life so far. These lessons must be from your own personal experiences, must be lessons that have directly enriched your life, made you a better person or helped harbor personal evolution. When looking at your short list you should feel proud, motivated, and inspired by your own growth.
  • Explain how each lesson has changed you or impacted your life. Did this lesson surprise you? How did it make you feel?
  • Tag this blog ScaleSimple in your post along with the blog of the person you found this challenge from.

5 Things I’ve learned in life so far (in no specific order)

1.) To be kind, even when it’s hardest

  • Kindness is so important. I don’t know how many times I’ve been struggling and because of someone’s kindness, I felt better. Also, being kind to others not only makes them happy, but it makes you feel good as well. Kindness causes happiness and who doesn’t want to be happy?

2.) To learn from my mistakes

  • I’ve made mistakes in my life. Everyone has. While looking back, I sometimes get upset about what I did or didn’t do. However, I’ve learned that the best thing to do is to learn from your mistakes and not let them happen again.

3.) To seek help

  • This wasn’t always easy for me. Dealing with anxiety, I’ve seen a lot of therapists over the years. I never really wanted to see one in the first place, but something had to give. Also, sometimes we have to try new things. I never wanted to go on medication (don’t take this the wrong way, I still don’t want to be on it), but I had to try it and in a way, I think it’s helped.

4.) Don’t ever give up!

  • This one is probably one of the most important. I’ve struggled with anxiety for several years but that hasn’t stopped me from working my hardest to overcome it. You know what? I’m proud that I haven’t given up because I can see what a difference working hard can make. I’m not going to allow anxiety to take over!

5.) To not change yourself for anyone else

  • I know this is cliché, but there are always going to be people out there that don’t like us. There will be people that make fun of us, judge us, and misunderstand us. However, we shouldn’t worry about that. As long as we know that we’re doing the right thing, that’s all that matters.

I’ve learned so much so far in life, but these are just five lessons. Please feel free to join this challenge!


Anxiety – The Trickster

We all know that anxiety can be quite the trickster. When we begin to show it whose boss, it tries to come up with other ways to show that it’s not done with us. Let’s say yesterday and today for example. Now, I’ve been doing better lately and what happens? My mind starts trying to convince me that I miss my anxiety. Can you believe that?? Now I know without a doubt that I don’t want to have anxiety and that I don’t want to go through this. But see, anxiety doesn’t like to feel like it’s losing, so it tries anything it can to try to get back on top!

So, what do you do when you feel yourself doubting yourself?

1.) Remind yourself of all the success that you’ve made. Remind yourself that you’re stronger than your anxiety.

2.) Remind yourself that anxiety is a liar and that the best weapon is the truth.

  • For example: When I felt my anxiety trying to convince myself that I missed it, I told myself this: “That’s not true. I’m happy that I’m getting better. The only reason I felt otherwise is because my anxiety’s trying to take hold. Plus, it was just different to feel so relaxed. I’m not used to feeling that way. I did like feeling that way though.”

3.) Keep on practicing and stretching. Prove to yourself that you can get through your anxiety!

Don’t let anxiety get the best of you. Don’t listen to its lies. It doesn’t like to lose and it’s going to try to throw lies our way. We can’t listen to those lies!

Follow my new blog!

Please check out this post and Jade’s new blog! I love her idea and think she’s doing a wonderful thing!

Jade Moore

You may have seen my post entitled ‘Letters to the Mind‘about a project that I’m in the early stages of working on.

Well…I have set up a blog specifically for this project, and I encourage you to follow it if you want to get involved, just click on the link below:

Letters to the Mind Blog

Once you’re there you will find information on how to submit a piece to appear on the blog and suggestions on what to write and ideas for various forms you might wish to write in.

I hope this project will be a insightful and rewarding experience, and will allow us to speak to our problems and in doing do help to cope with them.


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Letters to the Mind

Jade Moore speaks about her idea to personify mental health issues in order to confront them. Please visit her blog!

Jade Moore

After writing my poem ‘An Open Letter‘ I have felt inspired from having thought about my anxiety as a separate entity. I feel that personifying it made me understand it, and myself, better and that writing directly to a mental illness is a creative technique as well as an emotional outlet for dealing with it.

This has led me to wonder whether other people would find this technique helpful or whether they do (or already have done) something similar.

I’m thinking of using this blog to reach out to people who have mental health issues whether it be:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar
  • Eating disorder (anorexia/bulimia)
  • Personality disorder

Of course, there are many more I haven’t mentioned, but these are the main ones that come to mind.

What I would like to do would be to suggest that anyone who has a mental disorder, or any issue at all…

View original post 195 more words

Challenge Time!

Kim from Peace, Love and Patchouli nominated me for the 100-Word Story Challenge! Thank you so much Kim! As I understand it, the rules of the challenge are to write a story of 100 words (the story can be 10 words greater or less than 100 as well), write on any subject, and to nominate how many people you want.

I tried really hard to write exactly 100 words, but unfortunately I came up a little short (originally my story was a little too long), but I got close enough! I’ve been playing around with writing horror stories lately, so I wrote the following. Honest opinions are appreciated! Please feel free to leave a comment!

“Vince Kramer was driving to his secret hiding spot. He had just killed his girlfriend of two years. Enjoying the sweet victory of finally getting rid of the woman who had never stopped yacking away, he had put his seat warmers on.

Before he knew it, Vince smelled the undeniable scent of something burning. He tried to ignore it but he suddenly felt a burning sensation. As he looked down, he saw flames begin to engulf the seat of his pants.
Before he could speak a single word, Vince Kramer’s brand new convertible blew up in flames.”


© B.G. ,


I nominate the following people/blogs:

Mary from marysaverageadventures

Amir from World of Horror

Kendra from Reads and Treats

Carla from The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise

Olubukola from I Am A Woman and I Can

Angela from I Am My Own Island

Sandy from Sandycademy

Amber from Journey to Freedom from Anxiety

Shaun from Tales in Anxiety

…And anyone else that would like to participate!

Funny Movie Quote Challenge!

Okay, so I’ve decided to do the Funny Movie Quote Challenge! I don’t know how many of you will be interested, but I think it will be really fun. So if any of you want to participate, feel free and paste a link in the comment section. Here are the rules:

1.) Pick your favorite funny movie

2.) Post some of the best funny quotes from the movie

3.) If you want, feel free to use pictures!

4.) Please keep the quotes clean!

5.) Have fun!! 🙂



The movie I pick is…..Who Framed Roger Rabbit! Roger Rabbit, if you haven’t seen it, is a hilarious movie about a detective who comes to an animated rabbit’s rescue when he’s wanted for murder. Is Roger guilty or is he just an “innocent victim of circumstance”?

Funny Quotes:

“I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way”–Jessica Rabbit

“Listen Valiant. His wife’s poison, but he thinks she’s Betty Crocker!”


“Well, you see, I didn’t know where your office was. So I asked the newsboy. He didn’t know. So I asked the fireman, the green grocerer, the butcher, the baker, they didn’t know! But the liquor store guy… he knew.”–Roger Rabbit on how he found Eddie (exact quote found on


Eddie Valiant: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that in a fit of jealousy you wrote your wife a love letter?

Roger Rabbit: That’s right! I knew that she was just an innocent victim of circumstance.

Eddie Valiant: I suppose you used the old lipstick on the mirror routine.

Roger Rabbit: Lipstick, yes. Mirror, no. I found a nice, clean piece of paper.


Roger Rabbit: “Dear Jessica: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. One one-thousand. Two one-thousand. Three one-thousand. Four one-thousand. Five…?” –Discussion between Eddie Valiant and Roger Rabbit (exact quotes found on

Eddie Valiant: Nice monkey suit.

Bongo: Wise ass. (exact quote found on

Jessica Rabbit: Oh, Roger. You were magnificent.

Roger Rabbit: Was I really?

Jessica Rabbit: Better than Goofy. (exact quote found on


Eddie Valiant: Get this straight, meatball. I… don’t… work… for toons.

[Eddie stuff a hard-boiled egg in Angelo’s mouth and storms off]

Angelo: [spits out the egg] So, what’s his problem?

Dolores: A toon killed his brother

Angelo: What?

Dolores: Dropped a piano on his head. (exact quote found on


Roger Rabbit: No! Not my Jessica! Not pattycake! It can’t be! It just can’t be! Jessica’s my wife! It’s absolutely impossible! Jessica’s the love of my life. The apple of my eye. The cream in my coffee.

Eddie Valiant: Well you better start drinking it black, Acme’s taking the cream now. (exact quote found on


*All images found on Google Image Search

**There are so many hilarious quotes from this movie. It really is great. Out of 5 stars, I definitely give it a 5. It’s available to watch on Netflix if you have it!

What’s your favorite funny movie? What are some of your favorite quotes from it?



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