Something To Look Forward To

We all need something in life to look forward to; something to reach for. I love to write and if you had told me years ago that I would want to write about the problems I face, I probably would have laughed and said that the last thing I would want to write was anything dealing with ‘self-help’. The reason for this? I love fiction and I love writing it; I’ve always found writing about anything true boring. However, I’ve come to realize that so many people suffer with anxiety and while I still want to be a fiction author and I have my sights firmly planted on becoming one, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to help people by writing about anxiety and the many issues we face that come along with dealing with fear. This is one of the reasons I write this blog. I feel it is my duty to help others and myself with getting through our fear. In addition, I want to try to write more and send more of my stories, articles, etc. to places so that I can both feel great about myself and know that I might be helping others along the way. Everyone needs something in life to look forward to and to fight for, not to mention something to get through their anxiety for.

Fighting the Negative

I recently had a negative experience with a relative. My anxiety kicked in and instead of being treated with compassion, I was faced with cruel comments that my loved one deemed “true”. This experience reminded me of the many negative comments that we are often faced with and I remember Mary’s post on a similar subject.

Just because some people do not understand our anxiety, does not make their rude comments valid. If we know we are trying then we need to realize that others just do not know how to be kind when they are asked to deal with something they do not go through themselves.

I’m not saying it will be easy to not let the negativity of others let us down; after all these are the people we love and look to for support and while they most likely love us and maybe even support us in many ways, sometimes the ones we love still struggle to know how to deal with certain situations. We must learn at times to look to ourselves for love and support and remind ourselves that just because people can be hurtful with their words, does not mean that they are right.

As hard as it is, we must also accept that there will always be people that do not understand and because of this, are not always considerate of others’ feelings. While not understanding one’s struggles is not an excuse for being unkind, we must realize that there are people that while they may love us, will continue to think that by being unkind, they are being helpful or “honest. Just remind yourself that as long as you are trying your hardest and being kind that there is no reason to let others get you down.

The Amazing Feeling of Being an Inspiration

Today I received a Very Inspiring Blogger Award from I want you to know how much I appreciate it and say that you, too, inspire me. Also everyone that helps people through their anxiety and tries on a daily basis to conquer their fears inspires me as well.



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While I do not feel it necessary to participate in all the rules, I do want to give this award. Mary, you have been an inspiration to me in so many ways!

Challenging Our Challenges

So as I have mentioned before, I believe the key to success is practicing in small, consistent steps. However, I know how difficult this can be in terms of gaining the courage to do so and finding the time. This is why I have decided to challenge each of you to try and face at least one fear a day, even if you face it in a small way. In addition, you can also feel free to comment on here and state that you have indeed made some progress. Of course I do not ask that you be specific when stating what progress you made (I understand the importance of privacy), but I think it will both help you to understand the great feeling that comes along with accomplishing a goal and also, sharing that with others. While it is important not to depend on others for compliments and confidence, it can feel great knowing that you pushed yourself to succeed! However, I do not want you to look at this as pressure-instilling, but rather an opportunity for success. I will begin first by saying that I accomplished facing three fears today.

Steps to Success

Having anxiety can be difficult, there is no doubting that. Dealing with anxiety can also be difficult and that is why we need to come up with a plan that works best for us that can help us deal with what seems to often hold us back. Below are some suggestions that I have received that I think will prove helpful.

Consistent Practice – Every day you should find time to practice facing your fears in small steps. While this may sound impossible at first, you can do it. I know that there are things that keep us busy, but our health is exceptionally important and we deserve to be happy.

A Goal – It is important for us to have the goal of facing our anxiety and learning how to get through it, but it is also important for us to have a goal for us to accomplish in terms of what we want to do with our liives. This goal gives us something to get over our anxiety for. We need to be able to say to ourselves, “I want to be able to get through this so I can…” and while this can include being there for family, friends, etc., you should make sure you are trying to get through your anxiety for yourself as well. You are worth it!

Faith In Yourself – Faith in ourselves is highly important. Some of us may struggle with this because our anxiety makes us feel as if we cannot get through certain things. However, with consistent practice we can learn that we can face our fears and that we can get through our anxiety!