Anxiety: Research

Okay, so I will be doing a research paper on the subject of anxiety (along with other issues) that are labeled as “disabilities” in order for individuals to get accommodations in both work and school settings. Now, I understand that this blog is mostly a blog about our daily struggles and about any advice I have to offer, along with my experience, but I thought I would ask a few questions and see if you guys have any opinions. Part of my research paper is finding out how people feel about being labeled “disabled” just so they can get support. If you wish to take some time and give your opinions and thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it and if you wish for your thoughts to be anonymous in my research paper, please let me know and I will respect your wishes.

1.) Do you consider anxiety a disability? Why or why not?

2.) Have you ever had to have “documented proof” of having a disability even if you did not feel it was a disability just so you could receive help/support/accommodations? How did this make you feel?

3.) If you are a medical professional or are in charge of any disability services that grant accommodations, how do you feel about the policy of having to label people as “disabled” just to grant accommodations?

4.) What do you feel is the definition of a “disability”?


I completely understand if no one wishes to answers these questions and again, if you wish for your names (blog names) to be anonymous in the paper I will be conducting, let me know. It is also okay if you only want to answer a few and not all. Also, please notice that not all of these questions necessarily are limited to anxiety. Thanks for your time!

When You Receive Positive Feedback…Embrace It!

With all the negativity in the world, whether it be due to saddening events that occur or how people treat others, when someone has something nice to say to us, we need to embrace it. Whether or not you are someone who suffers from anxiety and whether you have a high level of confidence or a low level of confidence, we all need to feel appreciated. While we cannot depend on others to give us complements and make us feel good about ourselves, when someone does give us positive feedback or say something positive about us, we must embrace it.

Sadly, it is not often that someone just stops and gives us compliments about our personalities. People may say they like our outfits, our hairstyles, etc, but how often do you hear someone tell you that they like your personality and how wonderful of a person you are? How many times do you hear something about how many great qualities you have? Also, how many times do you tell people how great they are; how much you appreciate them?

Whether you get (or give) positive comments a lot, you need to keep them close to your heart. For many of you who read this blog for help with anxiety you may be wondering what this all has to do with getting through your fears. How is this all relevant? This is relevant because we are NOT defined by our anxiety; no matter what you or someone else might think. We are defined by who we really are.

Often times we are going to have to rely on ourselves for positive self-talk. Like I said, we cannot always depend on others to get through our anxiety or remind us how amazing we are. However, if there are times when people remind you of this; you need to embrace it. Just because you suffer with anxiety does not make you any less wonderful or any less talented. With effort you will get through your anxiety.


Continuing to Depend on Ourselves

Depending on ourselves can be hard in times of anxiety, it can be extremely hard but we must continue to try to do so. There are people in this world that may never be able to understand what we go through; may never be able to help and we cannot always rely on others to be helpful, even if they are close to us. We definitely cannot depend on strangers (both for safety purposes and due to unknown outcomes) and sometimes even friends and family members may not be able to help due to being uncomfortable with someone suffering with something they do not comprehend or due to pure lack of support and consideration. However, we do need to learn how to depend on ourselves. Many of us, though, wonder how to do this when often times it is ourselves that cause our own fears; perhaps not intentionally but still we can cause our own anxiety. Here are some ways in which we can better learn to trust ourselves and count on ourselves to get through the toughest of times. This does not mean that we cannot ask for help from others that we trust; only that we must learn to help ourselves as well and understand that not everyone will be supportive.

1.) Practice- Prove to yourself that you can get through these things on your own

a.) Tell yourself that you can get through this; that you are okay and that your anxiety is just making you feel otherwise.

b.) Believe you can get through these things. Remember how you’ve gotten through your anxiety in the past

2.) Search for strength within yourself; you ARE strong. Try to focus on something other than your anxiety like doing what you need to do or something completely different. Think about TV shows you like, books you enjoy, etc.

3.) Breath deeply in and out and try to stretch your legs and arms, reminding yourself that you have the physical and mental strength to get through your anxiety.

“Get Up and Make it Happen”

To use a quote from the song “Get on your Feet” by Gloria Estefan, we need to continue to practice; to try. Anxiety can bring us down and there are moments, where it might just seem like we will never be able to get through our struggles. There may even be times where we feel like giving up and see no point to all of our effort. However, if we want to get better we CANNOT give up. Take a look at the following lyrics; I hope they help.

You say I know it’s a waste of time, there’s no use trying

So scared that life’s gonna pass you by, your spirit dying

Not long ago I could feel your strength and your devotion

What was so clear is now overcast with mixed emotions

Deep in your heart is the answer

Find it, I know it will pull you through

Get on your feet

Get up and make it happen

Get on your feet

Stand up and take some action

I think it’s true that we’ve all been through some nasty weather

Let’s understand that we’re here to handle things together

You gotta keep looking onto tomorrow

There’s so much in life that’s meant for you

Get on your feet

Get up and make it happen

Get on your feet

Stand up and take some action

Get on your feet

Don’t stop before it’s over

Get on your feet

The weight is off your shoulder

Get up and make it happen

Stand up, stand up, stand up and take some action

Gotta get on your feet, yeah, yeah

Don’t stop before it’s over

Get on your feet

The weight is off your shoulder

Get on your feet

Get up, get up, get up and make it happen

Get on your feet

Stand up, stand up and take some action, some action

Get on your feet

Get up, stand up

Don’t stop before it’s over

Gotta get on your feet

Lyrics found on

When Even You Don’t Know Why

So the last few days have gone really well for me. I’ve been practicing a lot more and while I’ve still been experiencing some anxiety, I’ve been doing really well for the most part. Today I was doing fine up until about an hour or so ago when I slowly started to get more and more anxious. Before I knew it, I felt like I could hardly do anything.

I hate it because people wonder what’s wrong with me and how I can go from feeling one way to another. The problem is though that even I’m not absolutely sure why it happens. Sure, I think I might know but I’m not positive. Sometimes it seems easier to push through the anxiety and sometimes it really does seem impossible.

Another thing that I’ve found bothersome is that when you’re doing well people might acknowledge it but when you’re not doing well, it’s as if all of a sudden everything you’ve done well over the last few days either seems to vanish or seems to give them something to remind you of, but not in a good way. Instead of saying something like, “You have the strength, you’ve gotten through this before”, they somehow sometimes seem to infer that something’s wrong with you because you’re not having a good day or a good moment.

What do you do when this happens? Sometimes whether or not others are sympathetic or whether or not you understand why you’re all of a sudden really anxious, you just have to remind yourself of how strong you are and if you still struggle, remember that you just need to try even harder next time. Don’t put pressure on yourself, just remind yourself that you CAN get through this!

Comforting Phrases

While one should always try to come up with their own phrases to help them through their anxiety, I thought I would take some time to share some. I hope these will prove helpful.

“I have things to do. Just because my anxiety doesn’t, does not mean that I don’t. I’m not going to let my anxiety take away anymore of my time or energy!”

“There is nothing wrong with me, I am just feeling this way due to being anxious. I can get through this!”

“I have gotten through much harder things than this, I can get through this too. I will be okay.”

“I am strong, I just have to believe it.”

“I am not going to let my anxiety get the best of me, this has gone on long enough!”


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