When Things Don’t Go Quite As Planned

I’ve been doing a lot better lately in terms of getting through my anxiety – I really have. That’s one of the reasons that, when my mom invited me to go out with some friends and relatives for St. Patrick’s Day, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to have a great time and not worry about my anxiety holding me back.

My mom and I made plans to go to church and then later go out together. While I did well at church, I struggled leaving – something I haven’t done in a while. Then while eating at the restaurant, and then while leaving the restaurant, I struggled some more. I hated it! It made me feel like a failure and when our friends and relatives saw me struggle, I felt utterly embarrassed!

So many things bothered me about becoming anxious. For one, becoming anxious never feels good. For another thing, I’ve been doing so well and all of a sudden, things weren’t going so well. I also hated that my friend and relative saw me struggling and that to them, it looked like no progress on my part had been made. Heck, I felt that way and I know I’ve made progress!

Here’s the thing though: I do know I’ve made progress. Nothing can take that progress away. Also, it doesn’t really matter what other people think. I know I’m trying my hardest and have been improving.

I’m proud of how much progress I’ve made and while I’m upset that I struggled so much the other day, I know that I’m getting stronger and better at facing my fears. No one is perfect and just because I still experience a great deal of anxiety sometimes, it does not make me a failure or any less successful.

So, if you find yourself still suffering from anxiety – or another issue – don’t feel as if you’re a failure or not making any progress. Look at how far you’ve come and how much you’ve improved. Everyone has bad days; it does not make you weak. Continue doing your best on a consistent basis and remember just how strong you truly are.