A Special Thank You!

I would like to send a shout out to Cay at https://therabbitholez.wordpress.com/ for showing me a way that I can follow all the bloggers I want and still have them show up in my Reader and Widget. While I didn’t mind having a page dedicated to additional blogs I enjoyed, I was finding it a bit difficult to continue to constantly add blogs that I couldn’t simply hit “follow” on and have show up in my Reader and Widget. Thank you, Cay, for explaining to me how to do this.

The following are blogs and sites that I enjoy but could not add to the blogs I follow because they either aren’t working at the moment or would not allow me to do so because of the way it is set up. Amanda, if you have a different blog or way for me to view it, let me know! Thanks!



Thank you also to everyone who reads, follows, likes, and comments on my blog!

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