The Importance of Sharing Your Experiences

A friend of mine mentioned how I haven’t posted about my anxiety on here in a while. This is very true and I think the reason for this is because, honestly, not much has changed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made some improvements and these improvements are far from unimportant, it just doesn’t seem like I’ve made tons of progress in terms of getting through my anxiety.

Maybe another reason I haven’t posted about my anxiety much lately is because it’s a little embarrassing to me that I’m still struggling so much. I’m so happy for how far I’ve come and I know that I’ve made a lot of progress since the very beginning of my struggle with anxiety, but I still feel like I have a long way to go.

I hate going through this – I hate not doing the things I love because my anxiety makes me feel weaker than I actually am. Anxiety isn’t always the easiest thing to shake off and it has a way of trying to convince you of things that are far from the truth.

I guess I’ve felt like I haven’t had much to say about my anxiety as of late. It’s not as if I’ve made an unbelievable amount of progress or that it’s as if I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be so anxious. No, I still know what that feeling is like and I still experience it quite a bit.

The truth is though, that I have made progress and that every bit of progress is important. I’ve gotten outside more, I’ve been doing better inside the house, and I even published two books! These are amazing accomplishments! I’ve always felt that any positive accomplishment is worth celebrating and that every individual who has been through something has something valuable to share. Who am I to doubt the importance of my words or the words of anyone else?

Don’t doubt that you have something important to say. Don’t doubt that you can help others. Just because you’re struggling does not mean you haven’t made progress!

I hope that everyone’s doing well.

*Special thanks to the friend who reminded me why I started this blog.




More Literary Fun On Rest in Piece Book Blog!

Hey everyone! I thought I would just remind you that in addition to this blog, I also have created a blog dedicated to my book, Rest in Piece! The Rest in Piece Book Blog includes information about my newly published book, information about me as an author, fun book parties including questions and polls, literary advice, and much, much more!

While this blog (Getting Through Anxiety) is mostly serious in content, the Rest in Piece book blog is more along the lines of both informational and fun. As mentioned, the blog is all about my newly published book and the writing process. If you’d like to take a look, please feel free to do so. This week I’ve been celebrating the publication of my book with my second book party – which includes lots of fun polls! There is one more poll tomorrow, but you can always participate in the past polls as well!

Thanks as always for reading and thanks to everyone who has already checked out the Rest in Piece book blog!

-B.W. Ginsburg

A.K.A. B.G.


Grains of Sand – October ’16

Happy first day of November, everyone! I hope you all had a good and safe Halloween and last day of October! Here are my Grains of Sand for last month! Grains of Sand is a great way to track your progress and was originally thought up by Sandy over at Sandycademy.

-Finished reading Cradle and All by James Patterson
• This was a great book and I really enjoyed reading it! You can read my review here!
-Had one thousand shares on my post on The Mighty!
• Special thanks to The Mighty for publishing this and to everyone who read it and/or shared it as well!
-Reached 1,000 posts on my blog
• Thank you SO much to everyone who reads, comments on, likes, and follows my blog! Thank you to everyone who supports me through my journey to get through anxiety. Also, I want to thank each and every one of you for writing your own blogs. Some of my posts are re-blogs and obviously those wouldn’t exist without you! Additionally, so many of you have created wonderful blogs and posts that have helped others. Thank you.
-Created my new blog, Rest in Piece for my story!
• It felt great to start this new project. If you’d like, you can check out the link to the blog here
-Published my book for the first time ever!!!
• I’ve always wanted to be a published author! This is a dream come true. To check out my book and how to purchase, click here!


Check Out My Newest Post Published On The Mighty!

Hey everyone! I just went on The Mighty‘s website today and discovered that another one of my posts have been published! Special thanks to the team at The Mighty for making this possible and for all of you – for supporting me and being here for me through my journey to get through anxiety! I cannot express how much it means to me. If you’d like to check out my newest post published on The Mighty, feel free to click the link below. Thanks!


Grains of Sand – September ’16

Hey everyone! Again I would like to share my Grains of Sand for last month. Grains of Sand is a great way to remember all the progress that you’ve made in the last month. This idea was originally thought up by Sandy over at Sandycademy! Without further ado, here were my Grains of Sand for the month of September!

-On September 1st – Got outside a lot and walked around

-Reached over 600 followers!
• Thank you so much guys! I can’t thank you enough! You’ve been so supportive and kind.

-Got two posts published on The Mighty! You can check them out here and here!
• I feel so honored and happy that The Mighty published two more of my posts. Thank you so much! Also, special thanks to everyone who supports me in my journey to get through anxiety!

-Went shopping! Found a wonderful store where you can sit down while you shop. The people there were amazing! For more on this experience, click here!
• It felt so good to go shopping at a place where was set up for people who struggle. It felt good to enjoy myself going out again!

-Finished working on the story I had been writing!

  • I’m so proud of myself that I completed working on this story and hope to take it to the next level!


-Finished reading The Trial by James Patterson.

-Started reading Cradle and All by James Patterson. GREAT BOOK SO FAR!

-Got offered another writing opportunity!

  • Thank you to the person who offered this to me! I’m so honored!



Grains of Sand – August

So to be honest, I almost didn’t post my Grains of Sand for August. There was only one thing that I wrote down and that doesn’t make me feel so great. However, I realized that every little bit counts and that every achievement matters, so I’m going to post it!

-Got article published on The Mighty! You can read it here!
Special thanks to the team at The Mighty for sharing my story. Also, thank you to everyone who supports me in my journey to get through anxiety!

*Grains of Sand was originally created by Sandy at Sandycademy. It’s a great way to record your progress for the month!


Grains of Sand – July ’16

Hey guys! Sorry I forgot to do this sooner, but here are my Grains of Sand for the month of July! Sandy from Sandycademy originally created this great way to record one’s progress! Thanks Sandy!

-Started reading Stay Close by Harlan Coben
-Accomplished something amazing without any anxiety!
• It felt so good to know that I had the ability to accomplish this!
-Received a great writing opportunity!
• Thank you so much to the person who made this possible! It’s nice to know that my work is both loved and respected. Thank you also for your continued support!
-Reached 550 followers on my blog!
• Thanks to every one who reads, ‘likes’, comments on, and follows my blog! Your kindness and support means the world to me! 🙂
-Was able to accomplish something that I haven’t done in a while and did a really good job!
• I’m so proud of myself that I was able to do this and do it well!
-Got article published by Youshare Project
• Thank you so much Youshare for publishing my second article that I submitted to your site! Your support means the world to me. Also, thank you for being there to listen to the stories of others!
-Got post published on The Mighty
Special thanks to The Mighty for publishing my post on your site! I’m so happy that I got the chance to share my story and advice with others.