Okay, so I was planning on only posting the image I created with my quote and reminding everyone to have a safe and happy holiday, but then I had such a great night that I thought I’d talk about it. First, let me tell you guys that I hope you all had a great Halloween and continue to if you’re still celebrating!

So before trick-or-treating started, I decided to write a Halloween story. I’m not really one for writing short stories, but I actually wrote one and while I haven’t re-read it yet, I think it’s pretty good. Anyway, after I finished that, it was pretty much time for trick-or-treating, so I put the candy in the bowl and got ready.

Usually a lot of kids don’t show up right away, but they did. I felt way more relaxed than usual when giving out candy and didn’t have to take as many breaks. I get really excited about Halloween (some people in my house think a little over-excited) and I like to protect the candy from getting in the hands of anyone except the kids who are supposed to be the ones getting it (i.e. I try to protect it from my brother!). Anyway, I’m so happy that in addition to enjoying giving out candy, I was able to do it with minimal anxiety. I remember that last year, while I was giving it out, there were times when I felt a little too anxious to keep getting up, but this time, I got through it a lot better.

I’ve always loved Halloween. My dad used to take me when I was little so I have a lot of good memories (though I always hated those smoke machines. For some reason they scared the heck out of me!). The only thing I would change about the holiday is that I think more people should walk with the kids rather than driving around, but I guess they don’t feel safe enough to do so, which is a shame but sometimes how it is. Anyway, I had a great Halloween and hope that everyone else did and continues to as well!

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A Good Day!

Okay, so while today isn’t totally a good day (my Grandma passed away on this day ten years ago), today has gone really well. First my mom and I went to the cemetery to visit my Grandma’s grave where my anxiety was minimal and then we went to eat together, where I think I’ve been the least anxious in a long time going out to eat! It felt amazing! I kept telling myself when I felt a little anxious that, “Anxiety is a liar. The best weapon against it is the truth!”–B.G. The quote really helped me. I remembered all the times in my life when I’ve gotten through things and haven’t allowed anxiety to get in the way, like when I was in high school and younger or when I was in college before my anxiety really hit. I also reminded myself that even now there are lots of times when I don’t feel anxious or I manage to get through my anxiety. I’m not saying that I did perfectly today, but I did an amazing job and I’m super proud of myself!

What did this great experience show me? It showed me that I’m stronger than my anxiety and that I can get through it. It showed me that anxiety doesn’t have to control my life and that I can be happy! A part of me believes that my Grandma was really looking out for me today!



A Quote!

So I would like to thank Stephanie over at Stephellaneous for extending the challenge to come up with three quotes for three days. Thanks to her, it made me think of more quotes about anxiety. Here is one I came up with myself! I hope you all enjoy it and that you find it helpful!

“When anxiety calls, don’t pick up. It will try to hog your attention every time!” B.G. -Getting Through Anxiety

Please check out Stephanie’s blog!


My New Method

So I know I told you guys about my new plan to set alarms to remind myself to practice facing my anxiety by stretching and anxiety. I don’t mean to sound like a walking-talking iPhone commercial, but I’ve found the Reminders app on my phone really useful. Yes, I admit that sometimes the little alarm goes off and I say to myself, “I’m so not in the mood to exercise”, but then I realize that I need to push myself and I get things done! So far this method is working really well and I recommend that any of you who have a hard time keeping up with your exercising, start setting alarms and trying really hard to follow through with your progress. It’s a great thing knowing that you’re getting things done!


Wake Up and Practice!

After seeing yesterday that I didn’t do much practicing and exercising, I realized that I have to make more of an effort. So last night, I made a schedule on my phone along with alarms, to make sure that I practice at the times that I want to.

I have to admit that when the first one went off, I fell back to sleep. I was tired and it didn’t take long to doze off. However, when the second one went off telling me to do another exercise, I decided to get up. Was it easy? No. Was I tired? Yes. However, I realized that whether or not I wanted to, I had to get up and practice because getting through my anxiety is important to me.

I’m hoping that by making a schedule and setting these alarms, that it will keep me focused on my goals. Too many times I find excuses not to stretch and exercise. Whether it be because I’m tired, forgetful, or just lazy, I end up not practicing like I should.

I also have a bad habit of doing really well with practicing for a while and then all of a sudden, winding down. The problem with this is that anxiety isn’t always so patient and cooperative. Anxiety doesn’t stop and say, “Well she/he doesn’t feel like practicing today, so we’ll give her/him a break.” I’m sure many of you have noticed this. Anxiety doesn’t tend to take our feelings into consideration. If it did we wouldn’t be battling with it in the first place.

So if you find yourself struggling to keep up with practicing to get through your anxiety, find a way to further motivate you and help you along. If you keep forgetting to stretch and exercise (some people wonder how you can forget, but trust me it’s possible. Just because we want to get through this, doesn’t mean we can’t forget to take the steps to do so.), set alarms or write yourself a reminder and put it somewhere you will keep seeing it. If feeling lazy stops you from practicing, remember the importance of getting through your anxiety and other obstacles and how being lazy won’t get you anywhere.

Now if you’re sick, not feeling well, or have been told by a doctor to rest, take these things into consideration. If you’re not feeling well, perhaps you shouldn’t exercise as much, but still try to do as much as you can. If a doctor tells you to rest, ask them if you can still do some light stretching/exercising.

Don’t give up, you will get through this if you keep trying on a consistent basis!




Fun Time!

The Sweater Weather Tag

I just started following Phoenix Crimson’s blog and thought I would participate in this cool tag!

The Rules:

  1. “Answer the questions below.”
  2. “Tag the person who nominated you.”
  3. “Tag some of your favorite blogs, prompting them to complete the “sweater weather tag” for themselves.”

Favorite Candle Scent: I’m not really a candle person, but I’d have to say Vanilla.

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate

What is the best fall memory you have? Hmm…this is hard. I guess maybe when I was younger and went Trick or Treating with my dad or when I went to my friend’s house for Halloween.

Best Fragrance for Fall: Does Vanilla count? Candy corn and Vanilla Caramel too.

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Stuffing! I hate turkey by the way.

Most Worn Sweater: Hmm…I don’t know, I have many. I do wear my leather jacket a lot in the fall though.

Football games or jumping in leaf piles? Neither really but jumping in leaf piles!

Favorite Type of Pie: Apple. I don’t like pumpkin.

What is autumn weather like where you live? Breezy and a bit chilly.

Which makeup trend do you prefer, dark lips or winged liner? Neither. I don’t really wear or like makeup.

What song really gets you into the fall spirit? Uh…I have no idea.

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? No! I don’t get it at all! I don’t really like pumpkin anything though, so that’s probably why!

Favorite Fall TV Show: At the moment, Limitless.

Skinny jeans or leggings? Neither, I like flares and only flares!

Combat boots or Uggs? Don’t know.

Halloween – Yay or Nay? Yay. However, I’m a huge believer that Halloween should be parents walking with their kids and not riding in cars. I’m sorry, it’s just how I feel. If it’s too dangerous, then you shouldn’t go at all. However, I think in general, it’s not that dangerous.

Fall mornings or evenings? Mornings and mid days.

What do you think about Black Friday? I’ve never really gone Black Friday shopping but I feel it’s way overrated and that people that trample over each other for deals are insane.

One Fall 2015 Trend You Love: I don’t know. Leather jackets. I just got a suede one! 🙂

I would like to nominate anyone that would like to answer these fun questions!