5 Ways Anxiety Is Worse Than You Think

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I think, on some level, I have always suffered from minor anxiety. However, as I’ve mentioned before, due to a bout of unfortunate circumstances, I ended up with clinical depression and a severe anxiety disorder.

Anxiety, on any level, is not an easy cross to bear. I’m sure you’ve all experienced it on a minor level: confronting your crush and your heart is on fire, waiting for their response. Preparing for an exam you aren’t sure you can pass. Going for your driver’s license – you know you can drive well, but the moment someone said ‘test’, your palms started sweating.

Anxiety plagues everyone – usually, for most, in fleeting, minor doses.

However, for those like me, anxiety is neither fleeting nor minor.

Here are five ways anxiety is worse than you think.

5) Basic Tasks Are Harder to Complete Than You’d Think

For me, sometimes leaving the house is…

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August Alphabet Music Challenge – August 28th

As I’m sure it is for many of you, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite song. However, I do know what song has the best lyrics (in my opinion, anyway). The song is…New Wild West by Jewel!

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You see the ghosts of the buffalo
Moving both fierce and slow
Like glittering prophesies
On the edge of the horizon

As you drive glittering highways
And beaten-up by-ways
That straddle and girdle
A great and many-faced nation

There are lambs in the ghettos
Who worship their Gapettos
Believing in, though never seeing
The strings they think bind them

So you write to our congressmen
With bleeding pens
Of the sorrow within
And in return they just send
Tickets to the latest Tom Hanks show

Welcome to the new wild west
Each man for himself
A nation of civilized steeples
And lonely people
Welcome to the new wild west

There are so many fractions
And cue-card reactions
It’s hard to keep clear
The possibilities here
‘Cause there’s no force to unite them

Privilege has ruled for thousands of years
Wars have been fought with bibles and tears
Yet liberation can’t deny the temptation
And soon becomes the oppressor

Show me a leader who’s fit to lead
Who don’t sew his seed in anything
Wounded enough to breed
Because after all what fun is power
If you can’t act like a rock star?


See me, I’ve been cruel
I’ve been petty and unkind
But I know my own mind
And since it seems clear
There’s no one leading us here
The only thing left it appears
Is to task ourselves to be better each time
Then those before us

We’ll be an army of thieves
Of self-freed slaves
Of mild-mannered maids
We’ll fight with whispers and blades
So get ready, a new day is dawning


*Lyrics found on Jeweljk.com

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September Character Photo Challenge!

Hey guys! September is just around the corner and Carla and I have created another photo challenge! I’m super excited for this one. ‘Character’ refers to characters from TV shows or movies (unless otherwise specified). If you have any questions regarding the schedule, don’t hesitate to ask Carla or myself! Everyone is welcome to participate! Feel free to let me know if you as I’d love to see your answers!