Rest in Piece: Quotes From The Book!

Quotes, quotes, and more quotes!

B.W. Ginsburg

Quotes from my first novel, Rest in Piece. Enjoy!

““GET AWAY FROM ME!’ she screamed”

“Melinda and Hank had just heard their only child scream at the top of her lungs. Sure, their daughter had yelled and screamed before, whether from not getting something she wanted or from a bad nightmare, but never had they heard their daughter as frightened as they had merely seconds ago.”


“‘Get back!’ she yelled. ‘Get baaaack!'”

“Before Louise put her foot on the first step towards the main floor, she noticed a door. She opened it slowly, peering into the darkness. She walked inside carefully, and when she felt a long string lightly brush up against her, she pulled down….”

“She shook slightly, but couldn’t manage to look away”


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Please Forgive Me

I know I talk a lot about judging others and how we should all try our hardest to avoid it. I have to admit though, that even I’m guilty of judging. Every time I hear someone say how they struggle with anxiety, I can’t help wondering how true it is – especially when there are no outward signs of them struggling.

I know this sounds horrible and many of you may never want to read this blog again. I’m not going to make excuses for myself. Yes I’m a human being and I think as human beings, we all have moments where we judge others, but that’s doesn’t make it okay.

First let me say that I’m not doubting anyone who says they suffer from anxiety. Rather, as a person who suffers from anxiety so much that it shows, I tend to wonder how bad a person’s anxiety can really be if I see no sign of it. Right away when they say they struggle, I sometimes think how I must struggle even more.

I’m not proud of this thought process. In fact, I’m embarrassed of it and ashamed to admit that I sometimes think this way. I know that some people are simply better at hiding their feelings and, really, whether or not there are outward signs of your anxiety has no bearing on how much you’re really struggling.

Still, I feel the need to apologize for these thoughts. Why? Because it’s not right to compare my struggles with others’. We all struggle in different ways and just because you may be able to tell that I struggle, doesn’t make my anxiety any worse or more real than yours. We all process things differently and we all have different symptoms.

I also want to add that whether your anxiety is something that others notice or not, it does not mean that you are weaker or stronger than others around you. Like I said, anxiety manifests for different people in different ways. Don’t feel like your anxiety or how you deal with it makes you weak. You are strong – far stronger than your fears!

P.S. Please understand that I know that just because you may hide your anxiety or be better at not showing it, does not mean that your anxiety is not as bad as mine or the anxiety of others. I merely meant that I can sometimes, like many others, be quick to judge and that I am truly sorry.