Grains of Sand – March

Hey guys! Here’s a list of my accomplishments for March! As always, I’d like to thank Sandy from Sandycademy for creating this great way to remind ourselves of the progress we’ve made! Also, I’m sorry to disappoint but I don’t have a photo today for the April Photo A Day Challenge. I don’t really do April Fool’s pranks.

March Grains of Sand:

Really enjoyed dancing to music!
• I’ve always loved dancing, but sometimes my anxiety prevents me from dancing as much as I’d like. I did really well this time and really enjoyed myself!


Made potato skins in oven!
• Once again it felt SO good to make my own food and accomplish something so important!


Made some more soup on the stove
• It felt good to do this again!

Went to the bank
• Even though I struggled more than I would have liked, I did get through it and I did try.


Did something that I usually do, but did it exceptionally well with NO anxiety. This felt amazing!


Accomplished something twice in three days
• Even though I was slightly anxious the first time, I did a great job! Both times I accomplished this task, I did really well! I’m so proud of myself!

Drew a few drawings that I’m really proud of!
• For the longest time, I was horrible at drawing and never imagined I would be able to be happy with what I drew. I’ve drawn a lot of things now though that I’m proud of! You can check out some of them here!

Was interviewed by Jen over at Motivation for Today’s Reality.
• Jen asked some wonderful questions and I was able to share my thoughts!
Went somewhere twice and got through it. Was calm while waiting


Put my dinner in the oven
Went two places and accomplished doing something really important to me. This felt great!


Started a Fiverr page!
• Was a little nervous about this because I’d never done it before, but thanks to two of my blogger friends (you know who you are!) and my dad, I did it!

Started reading Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben (It’s great so far!)


Participated in the March Photo A Day Challenge
• Participating in this helped me get outside of my comfort zone and face my anxiety at times. Thank you so much, C!


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