About My Fiverr Page!

Hey guys! I just thought I would write one more post about my Fiverr page and what I’m offering. Please feel free to pass on the word about me selling poetry and motivational articles! Thanks!

Poetry –

I’m selling original standard poetry (no haikus, etc.) about pretty much any topic (love, heartbreak, anxiety, strength, etc.). More details on this can be found on my Fiverr page which can be located via this link or by clicking on “Fiverr” on the top of my blog page in the top menu.

Inspirational Articles –

I’m also selling inspirational and motivational articles on Fiverr! These can be about the inspirational/motivational topic of your choice (tips for success, happiness, how to deal with negative people etc.) or you can simply ask that I write an inspirational/motivational article for you . Once again, more info on specifics can be found here or by viewing my Fiverr page by clicking on the link on my menu on this blog.


Thanks so much guys! Please know that this post is not intended to bother you or make you feel obligated to purchase anything. I just want to spread the word that I’m selling these services. Thanks!



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