Nathaniel – A Book Review

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Copyright: 1984

Rating: 5/5

Once again John Saul delivers a great piece of writing!

My Synopsis:

When Michael and his mother, Janet, visit Michael’s grandparents in Prairie Bend, they don’t plan on staying long. However, they soon find that they are in for much more than they bargained for. From rumors of ghosts to secrets that go way back, the town is much less welcoming than it first appears. Soon, Michael and his mother are facing situations that they never thought they’d have to face.

My Opinion:

Nathaniel managed to be even better than John Saul’s The Unwanted! Nathaniel is, while it may sound like a cliché, a definite page turner. Nathaniel is full of suspense and you soon see that Saul is willing to do what many authors aren’t. At times, you’re not completely sure what characters to root for or which ones you can trust. Nathaniel is filled with great characters and creepy plot lines.

After reading The Unwanted and Nathaniel, John Saul has become my third favorite author. For someone who’s pretty picky about what they read, I must say that I love the way he writes. His writing style is amazing and he manages to make each book different. While there are some similarities between the books in the way that he writes them, I don’t feel that Nathaniel sounded too similar to The Unwanted when I read it. Each book was unique and fresh.

I highly, highly recommend you read this book. If anyone has read it, or decides to, I’d love to hear what you think!

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7 Replies to “Nathaniel – A Book Review”

      1. Thanks. I don’t know if you read it, but I wrote a review on We Don’t Need Roads. The Making of the Back to the Future Trilogy by Casseen Gaines. I’m a big fan of the movies and the book was great! 🙂

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