Hell Fire – A Book Review

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Copyright: 1986

Rating: 4.5./5

My Synopsis:

Beth Rogers just recently became a member of the Sturgess family though both Abigail and Tracy Sturgess act as if she and her mother are scum. Meanwhile, Beth’s stepfather, Philip is determined to make his wife and stepdaughter feel at home.

A hundred years ago, something horrible happened at the family mill. However, the tragedy has been held a secret for years. Before he died, Conrad Sturgess urged that the mill be torn down, but no one listened and now, years later, people are finally starting to wonder if he was right. Will Philip and Beth’s father, Alan, stop working on the mill and listen to those who say it’s a bad idea to keep it there, or will they continue to work on it against some of the townspeople’s wishes?

My Opinion:

Another ghost story is cleverly and skillfully delivered to us by John Saul. While the book starts out a little slow, it soon turns into a fast-paced page turner. Saul is amazing at including imagery that makes us feel as if we are part of the story and he has a great talent for developing characters that we find ourselves feeling strongly about. We know immediately who to root for and who we want to fail.

This story is a little “creepier” than The Unwanted and Nathaniel. While Nathaniel was definitely eerie, Hell Fire contains more violence and frightening imagery. However, that’s part of what adds to the greatness of the story. The plot is filled with mystery, violence, history, and revenge.

Another great thing about Hell Fire is that it touches on so many issues that are relevant in the world today. The story is not only a ghost story, but it also deals with class and the resentment that one side of a town has for the other. The story also touches on the hatred that one sibling can have for another and how jealousy can turn a person into something someone else may have never thought imaginable. If you’re looking for a book that has many facets and is scary at the same time as relevant, Hell Fire is definitely for you!



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