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great shows going off the air too early?

Today I decided to write a fun and opinionated post about TV shows and how it seems (to me) that so many amazing shows don’t last as long as they should. Heck, I find that many shows that are cancelled early on are much better than some that last for many seasons. While there are some shows that I’ve loved (and love) that have lasted many years, there are some that I feel have had a lifespan that was cut far too short. Let me give you some examples! These are in no specific order.

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Early Edition: A great show starring the talented Kyle Chandler. The show was about Gary Hobson (Chandler) who received tomorrow’s newspaper today. With the paper, he went about his life helping others in need. While the show lasted four years, it didn’t get an official ending. What’s up with that?!

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Sirens: I discovered Sirens on Netflix so maybe I’m just as much to blame (though in my defense, I don’t have cable) and let me tell you, I found it hilarious. It has wonderful characters and is just really fun to watch. You know how many seasons it lasted? TWO! I’m sorry but a comedy that good should have had a longer shelf life.

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The Finder: I just started watching The Finder on Netflix and man am I hooked! The show is super creative and once again, has talented and memorable characters. This show only lasted one year and for the life of me, I can’t understand why. I think that networks need to give shows more time to prove themselves.

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Thieves: Another show I loved watching that only lasted a year! I remember thinking this show was SO good. Plus, it had Melissa George and John Stamos in it – two great actors!

These are just a few examples (trust me, there are A LOT more) of shows that have gone off the air, in my opinion, far too quickly. Meanwhile shows like Greys Anatomy, The Simpsons, and many others are still going on! I know that there is a huge fan base for some of these shows (not sure why, but that’s a different story altogether), but I think that there must be something wrong with the system. It’s not that shows I’m not interested in last so long – I understand that people have different tastes than me and plus, I like some shows that have been on a while (Supernatural, for one).

However, what I don’t understand how a good show like The Finder, for example was only on for one season. Perhaps the network didn’t advertise it well or perhaps they should have timed it differently? All I know is that many great shows have been deprived a long, good run. Can someone explain this to me?

What shows have you loved that ended way too soon?

Time To Rate Some Shows!

Hey guys! So it’s been pretty exciting watching the new shows for Fall. I’ve decided to rate the ones I’ve watched so far! For the record, I still have some more to watch!


The Good Place – 4.5/5 stars

The Good Place is hilarious! I love Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. I also love William Jackson Harper’s character! If you want to watch a show that’ll crack you up, watch The Good Place!

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Kevin Can Wait 4/5 Stars

Kevin Can Wait is another really funny show. While I’m not in love with the character Chale and while the acting isn’t as good as in The Good Place, it’s still a great, funny show!

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Timeless – 4.5/5 Stars

So I was really excited for this show and while at first I was a little worried that the acting wouldn’t be very good (I’d only seen one of the actors in something – Matt Latner in the newer version of 90210), I ended up LOVING the show and loving all the main characters!

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MacGyver 1/5 Stars

No, no, no! I watched the first episode and was not impressed. AT ALL! I thought it might actually be good, but it wasn’t. Now maybe I was trying too hard to compare it to the original (which was great and can be found on Netflix!), but I was very disappointed. First of all, way too much of the show was narrated. Second of all, they labeled on the show like what everything was. I think we know what a paper clip looks like!

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Gilmore Girls : The Guys

Hey guys! After re-watching Gilmore Girls, I wanted to make a post about the guys that Rory (Alexis Bledel) dated and what I thought of each one. I thought I would compare and contrast them and then share with you my favorite. I know that the show has a lot of fans, including myself! So without further ado…

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Google Images …And here I thought he was Sam! How stupid of me! 😉

Dean Forester (Jared Padalecki) : I have to say that I liked Dean a lot in the beginning. He was really nice and yet at the same time, had that whole “cool” thing going for him. He was so respectful of Rory and I really loved that about him. The only problem with him was that towards the end, he got really clingy and jealous. In all fairness though, Rory did start liking another guy and the signs of her falling for someone else were definitely there. One thing that I loved about Dean though was that he was always there to stand up for Rory, even after they were broken up.

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Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia) : I liked Jess and I didn’t. I liked the fact that he was a little more outgoing and adventurous and I liked the fact that he gave Rory more space than Dean. Also, when Jess wasn’t trying to seem “too cool for school” he had a soft and romantic side to him that I really loved. The problem was that in the end, he was a bit selfish and didn’t share his feelings with Rory. I also hated the fact that he didn’t seem to want to fully accept that she wasn’t ready to sleep with him. I can see why Rory wanted to be with Jess since he was a little more laid back and adventurous, but at the same time, he was kind of a jerk. In the end, if I had to pick between dating Dean or Jess, I think I’d have to go with Dean! Admittedly, though, they both had some great qualities!

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Logan Huntzberger (Matt Czuchry): The first time I watched the full series, I kind of thought Logan was an ass. However, the second time around, I liked him better. Don’t get me wrong, there are still times when he’s a total jerk and seems to think he’s better than everyone, but there are also times when he’s really sweet. Additionally, you can tell that he loves Rory and would do anything for her – he was there for her through thick and thin. I wouldn’t have minded if they ended up together in the end, but as many know, they didn’t. I can’t totally blame Rory for saying no to him, she had good reasons. I do think it was a little unfair for Logan to give her the ultimatum of all or nothing.


I think overall, I liked Logan the best. I really loved Dean’s character at first (and no, not because he’s in Supernatural!), but because he became really jealous and clingy he got annoying. Every time Rory was even around another guy he got frustrated or whiny and that got really annoying. Sure he had a reason to get that way a little around Jess because Rory liked him, but still. I liked him way more in the beginning. While Logan was kind of a jerk at times, he loved Rory. Plus, I think the way he was brought up kind of led him to be an ass at times. He definitely began to mature though which was good! So, out of all the guys Rory really dated, I’d choose Logan. However, if Dean would have stayed nice and caring and not become overly jealous, I definitely would have gone with him!

Who’s looking forward to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life? I am!

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P.S. I hope Lorelai and Luke are together! I think they will be!


50 Movie Tag Questions!

Hey guys! I saw this really cool tag on Laura Beth’s blog and I’m super excited to answer the questions! So without further ado…

  1. How often do you watch a movie?  At least once a week.
  2. What movie genre are you particularly fond of? Romantic comedies.
  3. What was the last movie that you’ve watched and liked?  That I’ve seen before – Knight and Day, that I hadn’t until recently – Schindler’s List.
  4. What was the last movie that you’ve watched and hated?  I didn’t finish it but American Beauty. What the heck?!
  5. What is your most favorite movie of all time?  Back to the Future!!!
  6. Your most favorite guilty pleasure movie?  I’m going to say Bounty Hunter and The Tourist because they’re two movies I really like that everyone seems to hate.
  7. What movie/movies have you watched a million times already?  Back to the Future (I, II, III), Roger Rabbit, and so many others!
  8. Are you the type who watches a movie on its first day of showing?  No.
  9. Do you use Fandango or do you pre-booked movie tickets?  Neither.
  10. Movie house, Blu-ray, or download?  Regular DVDs or Blu-rays. I find Blu-rays a little overrated.
  11. How often do you go to a movie house to watch a movie?  I used to go a decent amount, but I haven’t in a while.
  12. What are the movies that made you cry?  A Walk to Remember 
  13. Do you watch foreign films?  Not really.
  14. What are your favorite foreign films?  
  15. Who are your favorite directors?  Steven Spielberg.
  16. Are you particular with movie scores, soundtracks, and musics?  Not really.
  17. What movie soundtrack can be found in your iPod?  You wont find the whole thing on my iPod but I have a few songs from the Burlesque soundtrack on there. I also own the CD. Oh and that movie’s another guilty pleasure of mine!
  18. Have you ever watched a movie alone on a movie house? Not completely alone, no.
  19. Is there any movie that has changed your perspective in life?  Schindler’s List and The Imitation Game. It didn’t really change my perspective but it just made me even more aware of things.
  20. Your favorite comic book movie?  Spider-man with Tobey Maguire
  21. DC or Marvel movies?  Both.
  22. What are the movies in the top 10 in IMDb that you have watched?  The Shawshank Redemption, Schindler’s List, Not sure which one, but I have seen Lord of the Rings.
  23. Do you read movie critic reviews before watching a film?  No.
  24. What is the best movie adapted from a book?  Sunday’s at Tiffany’s
  25. Do you watch the movie before reading the book or vice versa? This is going to sound horrible, but usually before. Well, it depends I guess.
  26. What is your most favorite comedy movie? Roger Rabbit
  27. Drama movie?  All the President’s Men, Meet Joe Black
  28. Western movie?  Maverick. (Great choice, Laura Beth!)
  29. Romantic comedy film?  Serendipity, Addicted to Love
  30. Horror film?  Secret Window, Storm of the Century
  31. Sports movies?  Field of Dreams, A League of Their Own, The Natural, Tin Cup, Caddyshack 
  32. Sci-fi?  Back to the Future
  33. Action movies?  Spider-man, Indiana Jones, so many more!
  34. War movies?  Schindler’s List, Casablanca
  35. Who is your most favorite movie couple? Kate Beckinsale and John Cussack
  36. Any movie character you can relate to?  Not off the top of my head.
  37. If you are to only watch five movies for the rest of your life, what would the movies be?
    Back to the Future I, II, and III, Roger Rabbit, Young Frankenstein, and Love at First Bite
  38. Your least favorite movie of all time?  That’s tough. I’m going to say Just Married. I saw it a l…o…n…g
    time ago but remembered thinking that it was awful!
  39. Have you ever watched a movie based on the lead actor/actress only?  Yes and no. If a movie has my favorite actor or actress in it but is still really bad, I won’t watch it. However, I have tried watching stuff because my favorite actor/actress was in it. I try watching a lot of movies with Jennifer Aniston, Will Smith, Tim Daly, and Kyle Chandler in them.
  40. What movie you expected and wanted to be good but failed you?  Hotel Transylvania 2.
    I loved the first one and the second one was horrible.
  41. Favorite movie character of all time? I am not going to pick one! Marty and Doc from Back to the Future.
  42. Favorite movie villain? Andre Linoge
  43. Any movie sequel that you’re still waiting to see? Independence Day: Resurgence
  44. Ever made a movie review?  Nope.
  45. Star Wars or Star Trek?  Neither.
  46. Right now, think of any movie, what comes first?  Back to the Future
  47. Favorite movie lines?  “Great Scott!” “When this hits 88 miles per hour, you’re going to see some serious shit!”
  48. TV series, books, computer games, or movies in order of interest?  Movies, TV series, Books, Computer games. Now if you asked me what I think is most important, the list would be way different!
  49. Lastly, if your life story is to be made into a movie, who would you like to portray you? Who should be directing it and what would be the title?
    This question always seems hard to me. Maybe Katie Holmes? I have no clue. I don’t know who I’d have direct it. What should it be titled? Writing Through Life? I dunno.


July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 31st

Hey guys! Can you believe today is the last day of July? Anyway, today’s challenge is favorite season finale. Without a doubt, my favorite season finale is Friends’ The Last One! It’s a great send off for an amazing show and I love it! There’s nothing I would change.

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July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 30th

Today’s challenge is saddest TV death. While there’s been characters that I miss more than the following, I found this the saddest death. Warning: If you haven’t watched up to the end of season 5 of Supernatural and don’t wish to know who dies, STOP READING!


The saddest TV death is… the death of Ellen and Jo in Supernatural! I felt like crying when they died. Even though they weren’t main characters, I really liked them and the scene was really touching!


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July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 29th

Today’s challenge is worst season finale cliffhanger. I really didn’t know what to put for this one. However, I was mentioning to Rae from Bookmark Chronicles how I was looking forward to some returning TV shows this fall and I mentioned how I’m going to watch The Flash though I hated how the last one ended. So, thank you Rae for reminding me about that episode! In my opinion, the worst season finale cliffhanger was The Flash’s The Race of His Life. I hated the fact that Barry goes back in time and changes the one thing that set everything in motion! It’s the whole point of the show for Pete’s sake! Also, I liked season 1 a lot but I feel like season 2 started to go downhill. I hope that season 3 might pick up, but I’m just not sure that’s possible.

I’m curious…what did you guys think of the season 2 finale of Flash?

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July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 28th

So today’s challenge is a little tricky. Three really good season finale cliffhangers came to mind. First, I thought of Supernatural’s Swan Song which was supposed to be the last episode ever (thank gosh it wasn’t!), then I thought of Lois and Clark: The New Adventure’s of Superman’s Big Girls Don’t Fly, and finally, Haven’s Thanks for the Memories. It was a really tough decision, but in the end, I’ve decided to go with…Haven’s Thanks for the Memories. Audrey makes a huge decision and things get pretty crazy!

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July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 27th

Today’s challenge is to pick the TV show with the best special effects. I pick Supernatural! I think the special effects are AMAZING!

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July TV Show Photo Challenge – July 26th

Today on the docket for the TV Show Photo Challenge is favorite sci-fi show! For my favorite sci-fi show, I pick Haven! I’ve seen the whole series and own 3 of the seasons so far!


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