Branching Out

So while I’ve been writing for a long time, I really discovered my ability to connect with others and write about mental health issues (especially anxiety) through WordPress. I discovered that there are so many others out there who struggle like I do and who need support. Like I’ve mentioned on here before, I honestly never expected to get so many readers, followers, and comments. However, I have, and I’m so happy because it’s really made me feel like I’m able to help all of you out there, including myself, who struggle with mental health issues.

I plan on writing on here for a long time and I don’t want any of you to think the reason for this post is because I’m going to stop writing on this blog or even write less. The reason for this post is actually the exact opposite of that: I’m branching out with my writing and now, in addition to writing on here about anxiety, am writing on theseeds4life and Battle of Mind, which are two great sites to write for!

First, I’d like to talk about theseeds4life since it was the first site after WordPress where I started writing about anxiety and sharing inspirational messages. I must say that it’s a great site and a great place to share both your experiences and words of motivation with others. Through writing for theseeds4life, I’ve been able to discover just how much I can help others through my writing and how much others can help me. I’ve also discovered great blogs through this website and the creator of the blog is very kind and helpful. For more information on the goal of this wonderful site, please click here. I want to thank the creator of this site for both inspiring me to write through his kindness and creation of this wonderful blog.

Secondly, I would like to talk about the newest blog I’ve discovered, Battle of Mind. I discovered Battle of Mind after the creator commented on one of my blog posts. After reading their mission statement, I decided to become a guest blogger and so far have written two posts. Battle of Mind has a very empowering goal and I am happy to be writing for a site with such strong and positive ideals. The following is the mission statement found on the website:

“BoM’s mission is to

  • Provide tools that have been used by sufferers of mental and emotional health problems and that have given them positive results.
  • Use the arts to help promote emotional healing that has been pent up.
  • Many alternative therapies to try and experience to see if any work for the sufferer in question.
  • To create a platform in order for people to tell their story and how they managed to overcome their problems and share their journey.
  • A hub of information for gaining professional medical help and to grow into a place to gain help regardless of where in the world you are from.
  • And to raise awareness of mental and emotional health events and charities taking place throughout the world.

Please note, Battle of Mind provides general information and is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, treatment or any other mental health or professional service. By using Battle of Mind, you agree to fully comply with and be bound by our Terms of Service.”

I’d like to thank John from Battle of Mind for creating this site and welcoming me as a guest blogger!

I invite all of you to visit these two wonderful blogs/sites and consider writing for them. Also thank you again for all of your support! If you’d like to check out my seeds and posts on these two wonderful blogs, you can either click the links within this post or on the top of my blog.



Special Thanks

I’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers lately are taking the time to thank those who have followed their blogs. I know that I have already thanked those who follow, like, comment, and read my blog, but I would like to take the time to thank some bloggers individually this time for their support. As always though, everyone who has supported me through my struggle and blogging and continues to do so (whether it be other bloggers, friends, or family), I thank you as well. Your support has not gone unnoticed. An extra thank you goes to the following bloggers:

Mary ( Thank you so much for supporting me and being there for me. Thanks for following my blog, reading my posts, and “liking” them. You are so down to earth and kind, along with honest, which are great qualities to have! Thank you so much!

Sandy ( Thank you for your kind words and compliments on my blog! It means so much to me that others enjoy reading my experiences and that I can help others. I appreciate you reblogging my posts and that you make them part of your blog. Thank you also for sharing your experiences with your readers!

Pippa ( Pippa, thank you for sharing your experiences, following my blog, and being so down to earth. Your blog is extremely helpful and you always try to share as much helpful information as possible!

Elle ( Thanks Elle for traveling down the road to recovery with your readers and adding positive quotes along the way. You share your experiences with anxiety while still providing hope.

Cass ( Thank you for sharing your story with us and “liking” so many of my posts. Thank you also for being so understanding and honest on your blog.

Becky ( Thank you for your kind words over the years and for helping me know that I am not alone in my struggle with anxiety.

Sarah ( You opened my eyes to one of my favorite inspirational quotes: “Repeat after me: I am stronger than this challenge, and this challenge is making me even stronger!” I am so grateful for you posting this quote and your experiences with anxiety. Thank you.

Again, thank you to everyone who has ever read, posted comments on, or followed my blog. Thank you also to anyone who has “liked” my posts, whether clicking on the little star or simply enjoying them! If your name is not listed above, this does not mean that you or your blog is unimportant to me. There have been so many people sharing their experiences and advice and so many amazing blogs that it is just simply too hard to mention every one. As always, if anyone is looking for a great blog to read, you can check out those that I am following!

*I would also like to take the time to tell you all about the Kickstarter project by YoungandTwenty. The link to this project is Jennifer’s blog is one that I follow; she has some great positive messages.