First Review for Inspiration Unbound!

Hey everybody! As a writer, it’s always nice to receive reviews from my readers and friends. Today I’d like to share the first review I received for me and Gary Ginsburg’s inspirational article and poetry collection, Inspiration Unbound. If you’re interested in purchasing your own copy, you can do so by visiting Thank you! Special thanks goes to my good friend who wrote the following:

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great Motivational Read!
October 17, 2018
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
B.W. and Gary have put together an absolutely beautiful book. 25 short inspirational messages and poems that combine to deliver that perfect positive spark of motivation that so many of us need and search for. An excellent read, well worth the purchase!


The Appointment – A Book Review

Copyright: 2017
Rating: 5/5
My Synopsis:

The country is in lockdown and Jacob Johansen is one of the few people who isn’t totally devoid of feelings, emotions, and memories. In this scary and lonely time, Jacob receives a letter that offers an opportunity of a lifetime. But can it be trusted? If Jacob decides to take on this special offer, will he be happy with the results, or will he regret his choice? All this and more will be discovered in Luke P. Narlee’s novel, The Appointment.

My Review:

Luke P. Narlee’s novel, The Appointment, is proof that a treasure trove of fantastic indie authors exist. If ever a book can prove a reader wrong that an author must be well-known to be talented, it is The Appointment. The novel is fresh, fast-paced, thrilling, and doesn’t contain a single dull moment.

From start to finish, The Appointment keeps its readers interested and on edge. Not only is the novel entertaining, but it also makes one stop and think; questioning humanity at every flip of the page.

As someone who tends to be a bit picky about what they read, I must say that I was highly impressed by The Appointment. I instantly fell in love with the plot and Narlee’s writing is fantastic! His words are powerful and have the rare ability to make you feel part of the story; as if you have a deep relationship with the characters and know where they’re coming from.

I can honestly say that The Appointment is one of the most creative books I’ve read in a while. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the series has in store!

I highly recommend reading Luke P. Narlee’s The Appointment. Its mysterious, thoughtful, well-written pages will blow you away! (also on Amazon and Goodreads)

The Stranger – A Book Review

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Copyright: 2016
Rating: 4.5/5

My Synopsis:

Everyone has their secrets – especially in Harlan Coben’s, The Stranger. In the city of Beachwood, OH, a man mostly known as ‘The Stranger’, goes out of his way to expose the secrets of others. When Adam Price is told something that changes his life forever, he is forced to deal with a whirlwind of emotions and make decisions he never thought he’d have to make.

My Opinion:

Who knew that a story about someone exposing secrets could be so entertaining and take you on such a wild ride? Harlan Coben once again puts you on the edge of your seat as you wait excitedly to find out what happens next as Adam Price grapples with the fact that his life is far from perfect. The Stranger is full of wonderful plot twists and characters that you find yourself both loving and hating – sometimes even wondering how you should feel.

The great thing about The Stranger is not only is it fast-paced and exciting to read, but it also makes you think about the human condition. Coben manages to make us think without lecturing; making The Stranger both a thrilling and thought-provoking read!

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Gwendy’s Button Box – A Book Review

Updated – 3/4/17


Hey everyone! I just finished Stephen King and Richard Chizmar’s Gwendy’s Button Box! I decided to review it for you guys! My review can also be found on Goodreads.


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Copyright: 2017

Rating: 4/5


My Synopsis:

Gwendy runs up the Suicide Stairs every day so that she can lose weight. One day, she meets a stranger who gives her a strange box with buttons on it. The man states that the box is for only Gwendy and that the box contains two things that she will find quite beneficial – chocolates and coins. Before Gwendy realizes what’s going on, she finds herself responsible for much more than a young adult could ever imagine.


My Opinion:

Gwendy’s Button Box is a fantastic novella. Right from the start, I was intrigued. The story is fast paced and doesn’t have a dull moment. The best books give the reader something to think about and Gwendy’s Button Box definitely achieves this. It makes you question what you would do if you were in the main character’s shoes.


The Green Mile – A Book Review

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Copyright: 1996 (March – August)

Rating: 5/5

My Synopsis:

Paul Edgecomb is the head guard at Cold Mountain Penitentiary. He is used to giving criminals the death penalty, but what he isn’t used to is what happens in the year 1932 – the year that John Coffey comes to The Green Mile. Paul will find himself regretting what he must do and find that life, often times, isn’t fair.

This is a serial thriller full of miracles and wonder. This is a book that shows how you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and how, there are people in this world with big hearts and the ability to do amazing things!

My Review:

The Green Mile is an incredible story! Stephen King is an amazing story teller and the narration in The Green Mile is superb. You truly feel for the characters in this series and feel part of the world that Stephen King has created.

All emotions are brought to life in this series. You feel joy, pride, anger, frustration, and sadness as you read about the events that take place on The Green Mile. This is a book that you don’t want to miss! A truly inspirational read! []

Yet Another Review For Rest in Piece!

Adrienne from The Shameful Narcissist Speaks was kind enough to write a review for my novel, Rest in Piece. Here is her review, which can be found on her blog and on Goodreads.

Rating: 3/5

This is a story published independently by fellow writer B. W. Ginsburg who has a blog dedicated to it here.

My initial take on Rest in Piece was as a motif similar to the one in The Lake House (a film I haven’t seen, but I know enough to recall that spin) where two characters are living yet communicating decades apart. Ms. Ginsburg’s novel is a bit more sinister than that as Catherine Adams is trapped in a type of purgatory by a mysterious puzzle. This is more of a Jumanji vibe, if Jumanji dealt with demon possession.

What the book gets right is the urgency of Louise’s quest and fascinating eeriness of the puzzle. It’s also a swift, easy read, which is not only perfect for the mid-grade group it’s directed towards but anyone who wants to delve into a rousing paranormal tale. Mid-graders will appreciate and identify with many of the hurdles Louise faces in her effort so save the trapped Catherine, and the young girl’s fears for her parents’ reactions are logically sound. She even points this out to her father near the end, and George has to agree.

There is an over abundance of telling and exposition in this novel, which unfortunately takes a great deal of the surprise factor away. There are many shocking scenes at the end, which would have had a much greater impact with more concisely edited lines. The characters are also not overly distinctive, so I had to mentally juggle and remember who was who especially during the climax scene where numerous people were involved. George Erikson, Louise’s father, is one exception due to his often explosive temper (not violent though, thank goodness).

Despite any foibles, I’d still recommend this novel, as it was a quick, intriguing read, was quite a bit different from the norm, and I love the fantastic pun/double entendre of the title” – Adrienne, The Shameful Narcissist Speaks

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Conversations Bordering On Torment – A Book Review
Copyright: 2017

Rating: 5/5

My Review (can be found on Goodreads and Amazon):

“Jade Moore’s Conversations Bordering on Torment chronicles the author’s journey of dealing with anxiety, through the use of poetry. Moore uses her amazing talent with words to connect with fellow sufferers and succeeds!

Right away, before the poems even begin, Jade opens with a beautifully passionate and professional introduction that is truly touching and relatable. She quickly but effectively describes her book and the poems included, giving you a taste of what to expect without ruining the poems to follow. The introduction is anything but boring and trite. Rather, Jade keeps you hooked, fascinated, and ready to read her beautifully inspiring poetry!

Unlike some authors, Jade managed to write poetry that was both clear and succinct. She took an emotion that can be quite complicated and made it so it could be understood by her readers. As I was reading her poems, I felt as if Jade was in my mind – listening to my thoughts and writing them down in a breathtaking way.

Jade also accomplished a usually difficult feat – the ability to really grab the attention of her readers and use imagery in a way that you could feel both the writer’s pain and hope. Sometimes anxiety can be a tricky thing to describe, but through reading Jade’s poetry, I really got a sense that she understands what it is to struggle with something so terrible and difficult. As a fellow anxiety sufferer, this book brought me solace that I am not the only one who feels trapped inside of anxiety’s sticky web.

The bottom line is this: Conversations Bordering on Torment is a fantastically beautiful read. It’s creative, inspiring, and utterly genuine. If you have anxiety, suffer with any type of mental health issue, know someone who does, or just want to read a wonderful book full of exquisite writing, then this book is definitely for you!” (Review Originally Posted On Goodreads)

To visit Jade’s Goodreads page, click here!

Rest in Piece: Description From A Reader

B.W. Ginsburg

After checking out the results from the poll that I posted a few days ago, I’ve decided to give a better and longer description of what my book, Rest in Piece, is all about! For those of you who said a lower price would increase book sales, I’m taking your thoughts into consideration. However, with how the pricing works, I can’t promise a lower price. After all, I do want to make a profit from the sales. I don’t want you to think though that your opinion has gone unnoticed. So without further ado, here’s a more detailed description of Rest in Piece from one of the book’s readers, Ariel from Writing Radiation! Special thanks goes to Ariel for writing this description!

“The Erikson family love their new house.  Louise especially loves her new room.  She has privacy, space to call her own, & the hauntingly beautiful puzzle…

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Calling All Bloggers!

Hey everyone! As many of you may already know, I’ve recently published my first book ever, Rest in Piece! Due to not having any social media outlets other than my blogs, it can be very difficult getting the word out. Therefore, I thought I would kindly ask any of you who would like to help, to spread the word about me selling my novel. I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Here are the details:


“Though decades apart, two young girls are connected in a way that is both fantastical and surreal. When twelve year old Louise Erikson finds out that she holds the key to saving a nine year old who disappeared twenty years earlier, she decides to accept the challenge. Will Louise be able to rescue the girl and the others locked away with her before it’s too late?”


Rest in Piece is an e-book


Horror, Fantasy


Amazon. You can go on Amazon and type in B.W. Ginsburg in the search section and Rest in Piece will come up. Or you can purchase the book, by clicking this link:


My book blog at:


Rest in Piece by [Ginsburg, B.W.] © D. Ginsburg


B.W. Ginsburg

A.K.A. B.G.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who has supported my writing, purchased my book, and helped me spread the word! I greatly appreciate it!

Gilmore Girls : A Year In The Life – Review

Okay guys, I didn’t plan on it but I finished Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life in two days! While it’s still fresh in my mind, I’ve decided to write a review. Warning: Spoilers Ahead…

What I Didn’t Like:

The scene with the musical: The town of  Stars Hollow is throwing a musical – fine. The problem? The scene lasted way too long in my opinion. While I loved Lorelai’s reaction to the whole thing (the looks from side to side saying, ‘Are you serious?’), I thought the whole thing in general was a little obnoxious. Plus, the part when Lorelai walks out and the actress gets all over her – it just didn’t seem to fit with the show.

How some of the scenes seemed forced: I know how they were trying to include everyone, but some of the scenes seemed a little too forced. For example, I loved that Suki was in the show, but waiting until the last minute seemed a little too much. I can’t totally explain it, but some of the show seemed a little pushed.

Rory and Logan’s ongoing affair: I know that Rory’s character isn’t meant to be perfect and that’s fine. However, when we last left Rory before the continuation of the show, she and Logan seemed to split after she said no to his proposal. However, when we returned, they’re carrying on a secret affair?! Can you say, annoying? Not to mention, I think Logan (especially by the end of the show), is an ass. Plain and simple.

Lorelai and Luke’s ‘baby issue’ – I didn’t hate this, but it didn’t totally seemed solved by the end of the show. Sometimes it seemed like Lorelai wanted a baby and at others, it didn’t. I was a little confused.

What I Did Like:

Carol King playing ‘I Hear The Earth Move’ – This was great and it cracked me up! I love the song and love how Taylor didn’t find it catchy! Just a really funny scene!

The Dancing Scene with Logan and Friends – I loved this whole scene including the great music! It was amazing!

Lorelai and her Mother: I liked how they kept the relationship between Lorelai and Emily tense, but at the same time, loving at times. Emily still isn’t a saint after Richard dies, but she still has moments when you can tell that she loves her daughter.

How the Characters Were Put to Good Use – I liked how Jess was put in the show (though I could practically hear the audience clapping as he walked in – it’s just how he randomly showed up). He came in to help out Luke with his mom and he visited Rory and the paper. I also like how they had Lane in the show. I also enjoyed seeing Dean! Seeing Michelle again was great as well. I liked seeing Suki but felt that her not showing up until the end was awkward.

Lorelai and Rory’s Relationship – While maybe not as strong as before, you can tell that the mother and daughter still have an incredible bond. I loved that the creators of the show kept that.

Rory writing a book about her relationship with her mother – I thought this concept was fantastic. So much so, that Lorelai not liking the idea at first pissed me off!

Spoiler Alert: Major spoilers ahead…….

Lorelai and Luke Getting Married – I’m so happy this finally happened! I think they did a great job with it.

‘The last four words’ – I guess everyone is referring the last words as ‘the last four words’, so I’ll do the same. At first I was like, “That’s all we get?”, but after a while, I kind of liked how it ended. It leaves us wanting more, but at the same time, we feel satisfied with the ending (I did anyway). The baby is most definitely Logan’s (it didn’t seem like Rory had seen Paul very recently) and she’ll most likely raise it by herself. Perhaps she’ll end up with Jess in the end since he obviously still has feelings for her. Though, personally, I don’t think she likes him like that anymore. Who knows.

Overall Rating: 8/10