Project Update!

Project Update!

B.W. Ginsburg

Hey everybody! As you may have noticed, I have a lot of projects going on as of late. Therefore, I’m going to give you a detailed summary of everything going on!


  • Currently writing my new fantasy/romance/sci-fi novel! The book will be a swirl of love at first sight, good vs. evil, mental health issues, and so much more! The story is still early in its journey to be completed, but things are going pretty well!

Instagram Offer

  • I now have an offer going on over at Instagram. If you purchase(d) one or both of my books (available on from January 4th,  2018 to February 4th, 2018, and show me proof by showing me your receipt through email or DM on Instagram (receipt need just show your name and date you purchased my book – no other personal info necessary), you will get the chance to name the…

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Exciting Reminder!

Hey everybody! This is just a reminder that in addition to my book, Rest in Piece, currently being available for purchase on, I am also working on a short story collection! I’m very excited for this project and have only one more story to complete. Then I will begin the editing process and hopefully soon after that, the book will be available for purchase!

The short stories will be a mixture of both fantasy and horror – two genres that I really enjoy writing and reading. While Rest in Piece leaned more towards young adult (though adults can certainly enjoy it as well), these stories are more appropriate for a slightly older audience.

I’d like to thank all those who have supported my writing and continue to do so! This is a very exciting time for me and I can’t wait to share this new collection with you once it’s finished! Please look for more updates as the weeks pass!

Also, don’t forget that if you’ve purchased my book, Rest in Piece, or will receive a copy (either the e-book or paperback) by April 28th, you can submit a photo of your copy displayed creatively to the Rest in Piece Photo Contest that I’m throwing! If you don’t feel comfortable being in the picture, that’s fine, you just have to display the book creatively for a chance to win! I wish all the participants the best of luck!

Thank You,

B.W. Ginsburg

Writing Project Information Is Here!

B.W. Ginsburg

Hey everyone! So I know I’ve been talking about my newest writing project: a collection of short stories, and I thought I would give you a little more information!

First and foremost, after doing some research, I realized that most of the stories I plan to put together are actually considered ‘novellas’. Still, I plan on combining them in a larger book and calling them ‘short stories’. To me, a short story is anything that isn’t novel length or long enough to sell on its own.

While I’m not going to give a lot of detail on what each story is about, I thought that I would describe the stories a little bit to get you excited for when they (hopefully) come out. I think it’s important as a writer not to count your literary chickens too soon before they hatch. But I’m very excited!

Here’s the breakdown with the…

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Coalition of the Brave!

Hey guys! So in a recent post I mentioned that Ben from Meerkat Musings has created a new blog, Coalition of the Brave! Ben has invited some great writers to join him in this wonderful project. Please take the time to check out this wonderful blog! To check it out, you can click here or find a link on the top menu of my blog! Here’s the blog description that you can find on the home page:

Welcome. Whether you’ve found this site at the recommendation of a friend, stumbled across a link on another site or forum, or simply come across us via a time-honoured Google search, welcome.
Who are we? We’re the Coalition of the Brave. What does that mean? Read on.
The world right now holds a lot of anger, and a lot of hate. People wield religion, sexuality, gender and race as weapons to spread fear and revulsion, whipping others into a frenzy. This has to stop. Far too much of it is borne out of ignorance, and it has to stop.
That’s where we come in. This site is a platform for anyone who values life and believes compassion to be a stronger force than hate. Here, we discuss things. We may disagree with you, and even amongst ourselves, but we do so without hostility. Here, we take a stand against ignorance and hate. We are all human beings, with far more in common than we realise. We let things that should not matter divide us – not here. Here, we are brave enough to talk to each other.

About Me: B.G.

Ben from Meerkat Musings has created the blog, Coalition of the Brave! Please check out his wonderful new blog!

Coalition of the Brave

Hey guys! My name is B.G. and I created the blog, Getting Through Anxiety. My blog is dedicated to helping those who struggle with anxiety and other mental health issues. I think that while anxiety sometimes has a way of making us feel weak, just the fact that we try our hardest on a daily basis to get through it, makes us strong and exceptionally brave.

Along with sharing my experiences with anxiety, I also enjoy sharing my opinions on other important topics. I’ve written posts about expectations of men and women along with posts on the choice to wear makeup. In addition to believing that people shouldn’t always be ‘expected’ to do things due to their age or gender, I also believe in equal rights and other important causes.

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Mental Health Awareness

As many of you probably know, this month is Mental Health Awareness Month. I honestly wouldn’t have known this except for the fact that many of you have written posts, created tags, and started projects that center around this fact. Before I continue, I would like to thank all of you who have mentioned that May is Mental Health Awareness Month, along with all of you who dedicate your life to talking/raising awareness about mental health issues! Thank you!

I was thinking of creating my own tag for this month, but then I decided that I didn’t want to step on the toes of others who have already done a great job of this. Instead I thought I would write a little about what I think most of us who struggle with mental health issues would like the rest of the world to know! If you would like to add anything to this post, please feel free to add your comments in the comment section! Thanks!



MISCONCEPTION: Those of us who struggle with mental health issues are just acting a certain way for attention.

TRUTH: Most of us actually don’t like getting the negative attention that comes from struggling. We don’t “put on a show” for attention. We genuinely struggle with mental health issues.

MISCONCEPTION: We want to struggle.

TRUTH: We hate struggling! Struggling with a mental health issue usually means sacrificing much of what we want.

MISCONCEPTION: We can just “snap out of it”

TRUTH: While it may be hard to understand, sometimes it’s easier to begin to feel anxious etc. than to stop feeling that way. Our mental health issues cannot just be turned off whenever we wish. If it were that simple, we would have done it already.

MISCONCEPTION: We are not trying to get better.

TRUTH: While it may not seem like it, many of us are trying on a daily basis to get through our mental health issues. It can just be really difficult to do.

MISCONCEPTION: Everyone who has mental health issues are unable to think properly, etc.

TRUTH: We are just as intelligent and capable of thinking as the next person. Sometimes our anxiety and other issues just makes things harder for us.

MISCONCEPTION: Struggling with anxiety or another mental health issue is a sign of weakness and/or immaturity.

TRUTH: Struggling with a mental health issue usually has nothing to do with immaturity. Even the most immature of individuals can struggle. It does not mean we don’t want to grow up. In fact, many of us want to be able to be more independent and successful. Many of us already are.


As you can see, there are many misconceptions about mental health issues and those who struggle with them. While not everyone is going to understand people struggle with anxiety, depression, etc. , kindness should always be offered. However, if it’s not, please understand that just because someone doesn’t know how to deal with something or help, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you!


What We Want:

Those of us who struggle with mental health issues want to be understood. However, many of us know that some individuals simply don’t. We want the ones we love to care for us and support us. Additionally, those of us who struggle with mental health issues want to get better, want to be able to manage them more effectively. For some of us, doing simple things can seem difficult because our anxiety and other issues get in the way. We want to be able to push through our obstacles and get things done.


What You Can Do For Those Who Struggle:

If you know someone who struggles with a mental health issue, you should treat them like you would anyone else that you care for. Remember that we are intelligent individuals who can think just as well as the rest of the world. If we are struggling, the best thing to do is remind us that you are here for us and that you care. If you want to know specific ways that you can help, ask. What we want most of all is kindness and effort in terms of trying your best to be here for us.


For All Of You Who Struggle With Mental Health Issues:

You are not alone. Seriously! I know that you might think that it’s just something everyone says, but it’s true. Chances are that at least one (and more than likely, more than one) person understands what you’re going through. They might not deal with the exact same issue as you do, but they probably deal with something very close. Don’t be afraid to talk to the people who you trust. Don’t be afraid to share your story with others (in a safe way, of course). Chances are that someone will understand and listen, someone will care!


Just A Few Great Reads, Projects, and Tags! :

Mindfulness and Me – Matt asks great questions to help others to talk about mental health issues and life in general.

Mental Illness Tag – Becca created this awesome tag to help people speak about their mental health issues!

Slippery When Wet – Carla wrote this amazing post on the truth about mental health issues!


I highly recommend that you check out these awesome posts, projects, and tags!


*Image found on Google Images



Don’t Get Discouraged!

Whether it be when dealing with anxiety or when dealing with wanting to achieve another goal that we have, it’s important to remember not to get discouraged. Getting through our struggles can take time, and so can, achieving our other dreams.

First, let’s focus on mental health. As you all know I struggle with severe anxiety. However, I’m taking steps to get better with dealing with my anxiety and trying my hardest to overcome it. In many ways, I know I’m getting better. Still, I know that I have a long way to go. Do I sometimes feel discouraged? Definitely. Am I going to give up? Absolutely not!

Another thing that can be discouraging is when we have a dream goal for ourselves in terms of a career, and we wonder if we’ll ever read it. As many of you know, I really want to be a professional author one day. I want this so much. However, I’m not going to lie, sometimes I doubt that it’ll ever happen.

I’ve sent poems to different magazines and I’ve also sent in some short stories. I had one poem published, but to be honest, I’m not sure that there was much competition. Don’t get me wrong, it was still an honor, but I had to pay for the magazine, so it felt a little less amazing. Maybe that sounds horrible, but it’s true. My point is, that my work has never truly been published to the degree that I would hope. Sometimes it’s hard not to just throw in the towel and believe that I’m not good enough.

The thing is though, that I do think that I’m a good writer. I may not be the best in the world, but I do think that I’m talented at it. So many of you read, like, and comment on my blog and a lot of people have read and enjoyed my posts on The Seeds 4 Life. Also I’ve had positive feedback from family, friends, and professors. So in a way, I have a lot of proof that I am talented. Also, even without all of the encouragement from my readers that I receive, I believe in myself and that is important.

My point in writing this post is to assure each and every one of you that you have positive talents. Even if things may not seem to happen for you right away, that doesn’t mean that you should give up hope! Keep trying your hardest on a consistent basis and you will reach your goals!

*I’d like to give a special thank you to everyone who reads, “likes”, and follows my blog. Also thank you to all the blogs that have reblogged my posts and those of you who have allowed me to guest post for your blog and submit my own work!

Hard Times

I didn’t have a good night last night. I got really anxious and found it hard to do simple things. Admittedly, I cried and got really upset. Sometimes everything just adds up and it’s hard to handle.

While I wish I didn’t have to learn these things (as I wish I didn’t have to deal with anxiety), getting as anxious as I did and having the experience that I had did teach me a few things. For one thing, it taught me that there are some people who will try their hardest to help you and there are others who, if they don’t understand what you’re going through, find it difficult and maybe impossible to help you get through whatever you’re struggling with.

Many of you who struggle with anxiety may understand that sometimes, when anxious, there are some things that help us relax. Whether it’s keeping a light on while we get things done or talking on the phone with someone to get our minds off whatever we’re doing, it can sometimes help to have something that calms us down.

Last night, one of my relatives found it hard to let me have those things that bring me some comfort. I admit that sometimes when I’m stressed, I like to keep the light on in the room where I need to get things done. I might need to leave the room to relax before going back in, but I like to keep the light on so when I go back in the room, it can be as effortless as possible. Maybe to some that seems silly, but it makes things easier for me and if you ask me, it’s not too much to ask. However, my relative felt the need to turn off the light because he couldn’t understand how keeping it on helped me. Also, when I asked if he could bring me my cell phone so that I’d feel more comfortable having it by my side, he didn’t do that for me either.

This can be extremely frustrating. These are simple, harmless tasks that someone could help me with so that I would feel better and yet, because they don’t understand what I’m going through, some people refuse to do it. While some people will try their hardest to make you feel better, others find it hard to help.

Another thing I learned last night is how important it is to work harder to get through my anxiety. So many times I don’t exercise or practice facing my fears because I’m “too tired” or lazy. I want to get through my anxiety so much and every time I struggle, I feel horrible both during and afterwards. Why then, would I not put my laziness aside, and try my hardest to practice and exercise?

Next time I feel too lazy to exercise, I’m going to try to remember that it’s better to wake up or get up and exercise than to later experience the consequence for not practicing face my fears. Also, I need to remember that some people will be willing to help and others may not be. This doesn’t mean that those who don’t help don’t love us, they may just not know how to help, etc. No matter what, we have to try to learn to get through things on our own. This doesn’t mean though that we can’t ask for assistance from those we trust.

I’d like to thank all of you who support me!


Making The Extra Effort

As we all know, some days are harder than others when it comes to staying motivated. Some of us (including me) tend to start increasing our momentum and then suddenly, our energy levels seem to decrease and we start to see ourselves practicing and exercising less and less. With this, usually comes the noticeable decrease in making progress. Making progress is essential in getting through our anxiety and other obstacles. Therefore, we need to try extra hard to practice and exercise on a consistent basis.

So what happens if we notice ourselves falling behind? It’s not always easy to just get up and get moving. Sometimes we feel burdened by our struggles or simply don’t feel like we have the energy. How do we pick ourselves back up and get back on track?

I know for me, sometimes it takes thinking of something I want to get done and then doing it. For example, the other day I was feeling bored (and therefore started feeling stressed and depressed), so I got up and went to organize my bookshelf. I had been wanting to figure out a way to fit more books, DVDs, and CDs in it and so I got up and went to work on it. After spending about an hour and a half in my room, I felt refreshed. The whole time I had been concentrating on cleaning instead of my anxiety and boredom! It felt good to get up and do something instead of just lying on the couch, worried and bored.

Another great way to feel motivated is to get up early in the morning and start exercising right away. While we shouldn’t just exercise and practice facing our fears once in the morning and then stop for the rest of the day, starting in the morning makes us feel like we can take on the rest of it. Starting early gives us the boost of confidence we need, showing ourselves that we can make the day a good one!

While it may not always seem like it, there are many positive ways to get motivated. If anyone has any suggestions that I haven’t mentioned, please feel free to mention them in the comment section! Thanks!


Why Not Practicing Is A Bad Idea

As many of you know, I’m a big believer in the fact that consistent practice and exercise helps us get through our fears and over our obstacles. However, while I know the importance of consistent practice, I often fall short of my goals. I find that when I start doing well and getting better, I start to practice less. Why? I’m not exactly sure. I think it’s because I get so used to the fact that I’m getting better that I sometimes forget how I got there.

Let’s take for example, this one issue that I had been practicing overcoming. I had been working hard in showing myself that I had the ability to both distract my mind and get through something that usually made me quite anxious. Did practicing facing this fear help? Absolutely! Did I find myself getting better in this area? Absolutely! However, I soon started to concentrate on different issues and stopped working on the one I had been working on. So today, when I had to do what makes me anxious, I didn’t do so well. Why do I think that happened? I think I got anxious because I hadn’t practiced in so long.

Making progress is a good thing. In fact, it’s a great thing. However, we have to remember how we made the progress. I have no doubt that practicing on a consistent basis was what was helping me succeed. However, I took my progress for granted and I stopped doing the exercise that was helping me. So today, I paid the price and found myself struggling. Do I think I deserved to struggle? No. Does it make sense that I didn’t do as well in the past? Kind of. After all, I stopped doing what was helping me get through my anxiety.

If you struggle with something in particular, remember that practicing and exercising once in a while is not enough. For so long, we have told ourselves that we cannot get through something, wondered if we will ever get through it. We need to start showing ourselves that we can get through our struggles. We need to practice facing our fears and take the steps to show ourselves that we are stronger than our anxiety. How do we do this? We practice consistently!


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