Rest in Piece Photo Contest Reminder

Hi everyone! As you may remember me mentioning, I am throwing a photo contest for my novel, Rest in Piece. This contest is an excellent way to show off your creativity! If you’ve already purchased or purchase my book by the 28th of April, then you can participate! For more information, feel free to click the link below! Thank you and good luck!

Don’t Forget To Send Me Your Pictures!

Picture Time!

B.W. Ginsburg

Hey everyone! A couple of days ago I posted about the Rest in Piece Photo Contest that I will be throwing from now until April 28th 2017. This contest is for everyone who has purchased or purchases a  copy of my book, Rest in Piece, by April 28th 2017. Whether you purchase the paperback copy of the novel or e-book, you can participate by sending in a creative photo of the book. Simply display your copy creatively, snap a photo, and send it my way! You are all creative so I’m sure the entries will be great! For more information, please click the link below:

Rest in Piece Photo Contest

To purchase your copy of Rest in Piece, please click the link below. THANK YOU!

Purchase Rest in Piece

For more information about the novel, click below:

About the Book

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May Photo A Day Challenge & Book Challenge – May 27th

May Photo Challenge:


Wanna participate? See schedule below!


May Book Challenge:

These are just a few of the Fantasy books I have. I also have InkHeart and Eragon, along with the Harry Potter series and other fantasy novels. Oh and by the way, I know that Herman from The Munsters is kind of a Science Fiction character, but I also consider him a Fantasy character as well. Isn’t his Funko Pop adorable?


Wanna participate? See schedule below!


Photo Challenges – Day 7 and Day 5

So today for the March Photo A Day Challenge, I’m supposed to post a picture of fruit. I didn’t have any real, edible fruit, but I did have dish soap with a picture of fruit on it! So, here’s the picture!

Want to learn more about the challenge? Click here!


And for the 7 Photos for 7 Days challenge, I took a picture of 7 things! I took a picture of my Funko Pops and what books of mine I thought they’d be interested in (if they were real people/animals, of course!)!


Okay, so Doc would obviously read We Don’t Need Roads, The Making of The Back to the Future Trilogy, Herman Munster would read Wicked (a book about a woman who is misunderstood because of the color of her skin and the fact that people consider her a monster), and Snoopy and Woodstock would both read a Peanuts book!

Today I nominate Jo from Poetry-Jo’s World for the 7 Photos for 7 Days Challenge!


7 Photos for 7 Days Photo Challenge – Day 3


A baby deer that we found in our backyard. She was adorable!


Same baby deer and her mother a few days later!



Birds seeking shelter from the rain (sorry that it’s so blurry!)


A drawing of Spot and Arlo that I drew from The Good Dinosaur. I didn’t see the movie, but I thought it would be cute to draw!


Drawing of Pluto that I drew


Drawing of a tiger that I drew


So while I’m enjoying this challenge (I really am), as you can see it’s getting harder and harder to come up with seven pictures each day. You can see my desperation just by looking at the last three pictures – they’re drawings! Anyway, from now on, when it comes to this challenge in particular, I think I’m just going to take one picture of seven different things.

*I will not be doing today’s challenge for the March Photo A Day Challenge, but I will probably do tomorrow’s!

March Photo A Day Challenge!

Thank you to C. from You’re Not Alone In This World for nominating me for the March Photo A Day Challenge! C. is such a wonderfully kind and talented person! The following are the photo challenges for each day! If you don’t want to do them all, you don’t have to. Please only do those that you feel comfortable doing. If you do choose to participate, feel free to let me know!

P.S. I think this challenge is really good for those of us with anxiety. It helps us challenge ourselves to get out of our comfort zones to get these pictures!


  • Thank the blog who nominated you on your first and last day! 
  • Post a photo each day for that category. 
  • On the last day, I’ll post Aprils photo a day challenge and you can participate in that as well and you can nominate others to join in! 

My Nominees:

Mary from Mary’s Average Adventures

Matt from In Silence We Suffer

Kim from Peace, Love, and Patchouli

Carla from The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise

Jen from Motivation For Today’s Reality

Miriam from Out an’ About

Anyone Who Wants To Participate!





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