A new year of dreams and inspiration

My good friend Kim from Peace, Love and Patchouli has shared some great advice! Please check out her blog. Thanks!

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Coming soon in a moment near you, a new year filled with the richest dreams and blessings of happiness. I hate resolutions and the idea of them so I like to think of it as dreamsolutions instead. To write out what I want and then go about making it happen. The universe has my back, I just need to let it do its job with a little creativity from my mind.

So on this New Year’s Eve, another day filled with little relevance except to know that every moment in life counts, not just today but every day, and that not just only today, but each and every one of them we are given should be a joyous celebration of all good things.

I’ve made a list, not necessarily in any order of things I have had the pleasure of learning this year, and I know this coming one will…

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A Season Of Joy – A Collaboration

Kim, from Peace, Love and Patchouli , and I wrote this poem together about the holiday season!



A Season of Joy

By: B.G. and Kim


The sky turns to white

No trace of blue remains

When asked if it will make an appearance

The sun decides to refrain


The beginning of snow starts to fall

As the grass is covered in frost

Soon it feels as if warmth

Will be forever lost


The joyous sounds of carols

Sung round the Christmas tree

Leaves memories of laughter

That I carry along with me.


The happy children peeking

At presents down below

Wondering as they shake them

Could it be a new sled for snow?


I miss the days of long ago

When I was then oh so young

And the excitement for the morning

Waiting for it sleeplessly to come.


christmas tree


Christmas is the time I love

And I recall with laughter and tears

Of friends and family together

And the passing of the years.


Of the merry lights that twinkle

And the cocoa by the jug

Of the crystal snow that falls

Covering the gloomy ground with love.




As I sit staring at the lights on the tree

I remember the beauty of this time of year

A time when we try to put our anger and sadness aside

Replacing feelings of unhappiness with cheer


Seeing family members

Sharing kind words with friends

Reading cards of greetings

That loved ones often send


These things bring me happiness

A feeling that can never be taken away

There’s nothing I love more

Than the joy that is Christmas Day



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Challenge Time!

Kim from Peace, Love and Patchouli nominated me for the 100-Word Story Challenge! Thank you so much Kim! As I understand it, the rules of the challenge are to write a story of 100 words (the story can be 10 words greater or less than 100 as well), write on any subject, and to nominate how many people you want.

I tried really hard to write exactly 100 words, but unfortunately I came up a little short (originally my story was a little too long), but I got close enough! I’ve been playing around with writing horror stories lately, so I wrote the following. Honest opinions are appreciated! Please feel free to leave a comment!

“Vince Kramer was driving to his secret hiding spot. He had just killed his girlfriend of two years. Enjoying the sweet victory of finally getting rid of the woman who had never stopped yacking away, he had put his seat warmers on.

Before he knew it, Vince smelled the undeniable scent of something burning. He tried to ignore it but he suddenly felt a burning sensation. As he looked down, he saw flames begin to engulf the seat of his pants.
Before he could speak a single word, Vince Kramer’s brand new convertible blew up in flames.”


© B.G. , gettingthroughanxiety.wordpress.com


I nominate the following people/blogs:

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…And anyone else that would like to participate!

What I’m Thankful For

A great friend of mine, Kim, over at Peace, Love and Patchouli wrote a post inviting everyone to write about a good Thanksgiving memory or what they’re thankful for. I’ve chosen to write about both.

First of all, the memory I’d like to share is one in general. Just like Kim’s grandmother, my grandma was a really, really good cook. She was loving, kind, and incredibly strong. She was and still is my role model. She had a lot of faith and she was a fighter.

I loved spending the holidays with my family and especially loved seeing my grandma. My grandparent’s home has always been so inviting and the warmth went beyond the heat of the oven. Anyway, the times when we went to my grandparent’s for Thanksgiving when my Grandma was still alive were the best. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the holidays and spending time with my family, but it’s not completely the same without her.

So going over to my grandparent’s for Thanksgiving when my grandma was alive is my favorite Thanksgiving memory. Now for what I’m thankful for…

I’m thankful for so many things. I’m thankful for my family and my friends. I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to go to four amazing schools and to meet great people along the way. Even the people that weren’t so great taught me things. I’m also grateful for the fact that while I struggle with anxiety, I still get through it and that I’ve made progress. I’m thankful for the strength that I’ve learned that I have and once again, I’m thankful that I had my grandma in my life for as long as I did. She was and still is my hero. I still believe that she’s here with me, watching over me.

I’m also thankful for God even if it sounds sappy. I think that He’s here with me and listening to my prayers. I’m also thankful for my therapist and everyone that’s helped me with getting through my anxiety (family, friends, doctors, etc.). I’m grateful for this blog, for you guys who support me, and for the talent that I believe I have in writing and helping others. I believe my talent of being a good writer comes from my dad and I hope that I’m as understanding as he is.

I’m thankful for so many things, a good home, food, and so much more that I can’t fit into this post!



Helpful Words

One of my blogging friends, Kim, from Peace, Love and Patchouli sent me a really good article on anxiety and how to deal with it. I wanted to share this link with you guys and also, thank Kim for all of her support. She is a great blogger, poet, and friend and always goes out of her way to try to help me. Thank you so much Kim, your friendship means the world to me.

Please check out Kim’s blogs and also check out the following link on Tiny Buddha for helpful tools in getting through anxiety!


As always thank you to everyone who supports me on my blog and in life!

Friends of Fall – A Poem

Photo by Kim

The following poem, Fall Friends, is another poem written by my good friend Kim and I. Fall is actually one of my favorite seasons as I love the fall colors and weather (at least when it’s not freezing!) and so Kim and I decided to write about both Autumn and the animals that can be seen during the season. I want to thank Kim again for taking the time to collaborate on a poem with me, as she is a wonderful friend and writer! Please visit her blogs at Peace, Love and Patchouli, The Lavender Letters, and thereinventionintention for great poetry and insight. Thank you for reading!



Fall Friends

By: B.G. and Kim

Sitting on the side steps
Taking in the fresh air
I feel a sense of pleasantness
That sometimes seems quite rare

All of a sudden I see
A flash of brown coming my way
But you rush off in a panic
Before I can ask you to stay.

These sights of Autumn fill me
With peace and joy abound
As time moves on I see
The colors around me falling down.

The creatures move much closer
Gathering their sustenance to live
Yet I am truly blessed
As their presence a gift they give.

As the robins leave
The blue jays decide to stay
While cardinals make their plans to wait
For the summer sky to turn grey

As I hear them chirp
I offer breadcrumbs and seeds
Hoping I can give them the love
That every creature needs​


The hounds run to the trees
With the chipmunks and squirrels on high
Giving chase on cool fall days
Wishing they could perhaps fly.


The sights and sounds of autumn
As frosty grass crunches beneath
The pumpkins empty of seed
Orange rind for deer I bequeath.


Though the weather is cool
Forming Goosebumps on my arm
All of the creatures assure me
That there’s no reason for alarm


They convince me to stay nearby
Asking to please join them as they play
Promising that visiting will provide me
A warm and happy day