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Gigantic Thought Bubble

So the Kindness Challenge began last Monday and I decided to reflect on the challenges every Friday.

The first challenge focuses on ourselves first. I would think that this challenge is really a challenge if I was the person I was before because I was sort of a pessimist back then thanked God I changed that, I’m more of a realist now, I still think negatively about certain things but not like before that I lived in it. So for this challenge it’s quite easy for me and I’m not being cocky or anything because I’ve been doing this “self-kindness” program for almost 4 years (trying to have a positive outlook as I call it) and there’s only one thing that I really needed to do for this challenge:


That’s it, because that’s where it begins that’s where the self-doubt and self-hatred come from, it’s all in…

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Giving Yourself Too Much Time To Think

Thinking is a good thing – it is. Having a lot of time to do things is a good thing as well. The problem comes into play when we spend too much time on negative thinking.

Yesterday I saw my therapist. He suggested that I come up with a more structured schedule to follow in order to hold myself accountable for practicing facing my fears. I agreed with him that this was a good idea. It was decided that I would set my alarm clock for 9:00 a.m. and start getting things done after that.

Well, I woke up early. Now, this is actually a good thing. It gave me more time to get up and get working on making progress. The problem? The problem was that because I got up early, a part of me felt it was okay not to do anything right away. That’s where I went wrong. Right away I should have gotten up and started exercising. However, I didn’t and my mind started wandering.

I started wondering about the what-ifs and although I also started thinking of things I could do to make more progress, I also started worrying that my plan wouldn’t go well. If I would have gotten up and focused on exercising instead, I probably wouldn’t have caused myself to not do what I wanted to; I probably would have had more confidence. However, I gave myself too much time to over think and as a result, I didn’t do as well as I would have hoped.

Now don’t get me wrong, I did get things done and I did do a good amount of exercising so far. Also, my therapist told me to reward myself after doing a good job and that’s exactly what I’m doing right now – I’m writing this post and I just participated in the daily photo challenge and book challenge. As my therapist told me, we can’t always depend on others to give us rewards/approval. We have to learn to do that ourselves.

Anyways, over thinking can be a dangerous and tiring thing. The best way to overcome over thinking is to get up and focus on something more positive; something helpful instead of destructive. So the next time you get up early or feel like you’re going to start over thinking, get up and start moving!


Crash and burn 

Many times our fears are caused by us over-thinking and doubting ourselves. While it may be difficult, we CAN turn our negative thoughts into positive ones.

The “What Ifs”

For a lot of us who struggle with anxiety, a big issue for us are the “what ifs”. We often worry about things before they happen and sometimes the over-thinking that we do tends to cause negative or less than desired outcomes.

However, the “what ifs” that we have can also be used to our advantage. Don’t get me wrong, we should try our hardest not to over-think and worry about things going wrong. However, if we pay attention to what we are worried about happening, we will realize that it is these “what ifs” that we need to work on overcoming.

Let us say that you are worried about standing in line for a long period of time. Perhaps you say to yourself, “What if I feel out of control?” or “What if I feel that I need to get out of line?”. Think about these worries for a moment. If you are worried about standing in line for a long period of time, what should you do? You should try to find a way to practice standing for a certain period of time. First, you should start out slowly and then slowly increase the amount of time that you practice for.

We need to listen to ourselves. We need to realize that if we are worried about something, we need to work on getting through these fears. So, we should try to overcome these “what ifs” but in the meantime, we should also be learning from them. These “what ifs” are signs that we have a fear of something and it is these fears that we need to try to overcome and get through. We can get through our anxiety, we just have to practice and exercise consistently.