A Bookish Segue

Hey everybody! I know this blog is mainly about mental health, but once in a while I talk about books as well. As many of you may already know, I have two storefronts on Teespring.com. I just recently added a new product line that I would like to share with you. If you’d like to check it out, please feel free to visit the below link. Thank you!





Valentine’s Day – Treat Your Loved Ones And Yourself!

Hey everybody! As February is just around the corner, I thought I would share with you one of my newest designs on Teespring. With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away and February being the month of spreading love, I hope that you will find this product line the perfect way to show someone you love that you care! Also, remember that you, too, deserve to treat yourself!


The Beauty Of A Rose White T-Shirt Front
The Beauty of a Rose Phone Case. $17.99



The Beauty Of A Rose White T-Shirt Front
The Beauty of a Rose Indoor Pillow (White and Green Color Options). $20



The Beauty Of A Rose White T-Shirt Front
The Beauty of a Rose Poster. $15


You Are Beautiful! White Mug Back
You Are Beautiful Mug (Available in a Variety of Colors). $10




Product Update

Hey everybody! I just wanted to quickly update you on the items now available in my Teespring store at B.W.’s Inspirational Highway.

"True Friends 
Do Not Judge,
They Support!"
  B.W. Ginsburg Navy T-Shirt Front

Available in Tshirt, Long-sleeve Tshirt, and sticker in various colors.

"Where There Is
A Tomorrow, There Is
Hope!"  B.W. Ginsburg Royal Long Sleeve T-Shirt Front

Available in Long-Sleeve T-shirt and Mug

"Life Is Like A Book. 
If You Never Give It A 
Chance, You'll Never
Know How Good It Is"  B.G. Natural Tote Bag Front

Available in Tote, Mug, Long Sleeve T-shirt, and sticker in a variety of colors

Tears Show... White T-Shirt Front

Available in T-shirt, Long sleeve T-shirt, and Tank top in various colors. Features this quote on back: “While rain can cause floods, it can also cause growth. While tears show vulnerability, they also show strength.” – B.G.



Another Source For Inspiration!

Hey everybody! I am now creating items at not one, not two, but at three storefronts at Teespring! First, I am creating and selling merchandise at B.W.’s Literary Closet – a place where you can find merchandise dealing with reading and writing in general and my own books. I am also still helping create some merchandise over at Travis’s Teespring storefront at Travis and The Brain (so far I have helped with creating the ‘Roll the Dice’ mug). Last, but not least, I have just created my own inspirational storefront at Teespring that includes some of the quotes I have created through the years. This store is called B.W.’s Inspirational Highway. I am still working out some of the kinks on the last storefront mentioned, but hopefully the issues will be solved soon. I will keep you all updated! Additionally, I will post a link for the Inspirational Highway storefront in my menu on both here and, my other blog, Rest in Piece.

Thank You,


Collaboration With Travis and the Brain!

Hey everybody! I have some exciting news! Travis from www.travisandthebrain.com/ and I will be collaborating to create mental health merchandise on teespring.com! While I haven’t known Travis long, he has been extremely supportive and kind, opening up about his mental health journey and listening to my own. Along with a blog about his journey with Traumatic Brain Injury and recovering from Malaria, Travis created the storefront at Teespring to help raise mental health awareness. He was kind enough to let me join his team and help create some lovely items! To visit Travis’s storefront at teespring.com, please feel free to click the link below or the link located in the above menu that says ‘mental health merchandise’. Thank you!



Bookish Merchandise Now Available!

Bookish Merchandise!

B.W. Ginsburg

Hey everybody! I have some great news! Now not only can you purchase my books, but you can also buy other bookish merchandise related to my writing! I have officially created a storefront at teespring.com. I will be selling merchandise such as clothing, mugs, and other items so that you can show your love for my work in more ways than one! To check out the store, please click on the ‘merchandise’ link in the above menu or click the link below. Thank you!


-B.W. Ginsburg

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