Be the change

A great post by Matt about ending the stigma placed on mental health!

In Silence We Suffer

We can all relate to feelings of stress and anxiety, perhaps even depression, maybe it’s not something that you suffer from yourself, but I’m fairly certain that you will know someone who does. Mental illness is something rarely discussed, even though it is particularly prevalent in young adults, like you and me.

As I have written before, it is estimated that 1 in 4 of us suffer from a mental illness, but I’m not sure how precise that finding is. Just think of the stigma that still exists today, which only encourages many sufferers to stay silent, and to continue to hide their problems from the outside world. How many go unaccounted for? How many people suffer in silence?

The thing with stigma is that it doesn’t have to be real in order to be felt. This might sound contradictory and counter-intuitive, but I promise you that it’s not…

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Nothing more

Matt over at In Silence We Suffer gives great advice! Please check out his wonderful blog!

In Silence We Suffer

In life we are all guilty of comparing ourselves to the people around us. Oh, how I wish I could be as laid-back as so-and-so. But what we don’t always realise is that we are actually comparing ourselves to the image that they project, the way that they want to be seen. We see no faults in their appearance, and perhaps foolishly, perhaps naively, we believe that no faults exist. We compare ourselves to them without knowing the whole truth.

Everybody has secrets, which they hide from the light of day. If they do not confide in us, perhaps we will never know them. How can we compare ourselves to other people when we can see nothing but the positives in them and the negatives in ourselves?

We can only compare ourselves to the person that we were yesterday. To strive to live each day as the best version of…

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Making a difference

In Silence We Suffer

It’s difficult to speak on behalf of the silent. Your words have a certain weight behind them. There’s a lot of responsibility. To say the words that no one wants to hear. It’s no surprise that you’re weary. You’re tired from fighting the battles of a whole army of people alone. But keep doing what you’re doing. Make a stand. Show others that it’s okay to feel this way. And slowly, one by one, your support will grow.

It’s difficult to be in the minority. It’s difficult to live life without a voice. But you can make a difference.

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Male Mental Health

Matt talks about male mental health and the misconception that men don’t struggle as much as women. Please check out this wonderful post and Matt’s amazing blog!

In Silence We Suffer

I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to start today’s post by asking you all a couple of questions…

How many guys do you know who are open and honest

about their mental health?

I’ll give you a second to think about this.


Can I guess? I’m going to take a punt here and say very few… certainly no more than five.

Was I right?

Out of all the mental-health focused blogs that you read and follow,

how many would you say are written by guys?

I’ll give you a second to think about this.


Can I guess? I’m going to take a punt here and say very few…

Was I right?

Sorry for repeating myself, though I suspect that you have too. Right?

Perhaps I can go some way in explaining this phenomenon by stating that gender stereotypes exist, still. Yes, even in a world…

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The Serenity Blog Award

Matt answers the question about why writing about peace is so important. Please check out his amazing blog!

In Silence We Suffer

A couple of days ago I was lucky enough to receive The Serenity Blog Award. Serenity is a site set up by a group of fantastic bloggers – B.G., Carla, Ariel and Rae – some of whom I keep in regular contact with. If you have a free 5 minutes I’d really recommend heading over there to check out their collaboration as well as their own personal blogs.

As part of the award, Serenity asked me why writing about peace is important to me…

Life is complicated. We wish it was simple, but it’s not. We all know the conflictions that can occur. The difficulty to find balance in our life, between good days and bad days, between work and play, between helping others and looking after ourselves. It’s not as easy as we’d like. We don’t need to be suffering from mental illness to have days in which we struggle.


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Friendship & Mental Illness

Matt shares this wonderful post on being careful online, but at the same time, connecting with some wonderful individuals!

In Silence We Suffer

This post was inspired by a piece of the same name written by Jenna (wishingwellblog) a couple of weeks back. I’ve included a link should you want to head over there and have a read at some point. I’d definitely recommend it!

As a child when we start to learn to use the computer we’re taught about the widespread dangers of the Internet, we’re taught to be careful about what we upload – once it’s out there, there is no controlling it. And above all else, we’re told not to talk to strangers. I can understand why. It’s all perfectly sound advice.

As Jenna did herself, I’d like to kick things off by asking you all a very simple question…

Have you ever lost a friend?

I have. I know you have too. Sometimes this is connected to mental illness, sometimes not. Sometimes we just drift apart. We can’t be expected to maintain an ever-expanding circle…

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Matt from In Silence We Suffer shares this wonderful post and poem! Please check out his wonderful blog!

In Silence We Suffer

As a kid studying poetry in my English classes at school, I came across the poem If… by Rudyard Kipling. Immediately I formed a connection with this poem and it has been one of my favourite pieces of writing ever since. I have copied it out in full at the bottom of this post, for anyone who would like to read it. There is a new lesson to be learnt each time you do.

For those of you who are not familiar with the poem, If is a dialogue from a man to his son, in which he expresses the complexities of the world he shall grow up in, and how he should react to them. Kipling, in this poem, hints at the impossibility of perfection, but does not allow that to be used as an excuse for lack of effort.

I’m writing about this poem today because it is…

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