Let’s form the much needed community and support group for people suffering from anxiety and depression, including myself, right here, right now.


Simply Being There

Support group for anxiety and depression

Hey guys! I just joined this wonderful blog. Special thanks to Support Group for Anxiety and Depression for inviting me to be part of this project. My name is B.G. from Getting Through Anxiety and I’d like to talk to you today about being there for those who struggle with anxiety and other health issues.

As someone who struggles with anxiety and has been struggling for some time now, I know how difficult it is. Not only is it hard because easy things that you once loved to do can seem almost impossible at times, but it’s also hard to see loved ones not understanding what you’re going through.

I have to admit that there are some people whom I used to be really close to and now, find that our relationship is slightly (or a lot) more strained. Sometimes I feel like this is my fault because of my…

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Call For Suggestions!

Hey everyone! So as many of you may know, I had a page dedicated to tips for those who wanted to help those who struggle with anxiety. I’ve decided to rename the page ‘Anxiety Help – A List’. This page will not only include tips on how to help those who struggle with anxiety, but will also include a list of ways to help yourself if you struggle with anxiety.

I would greatly appreciate it if you please comment below with any tips you may have for someone who is either (a) struggling with anxiety themselves or (b) wants to help someone who is struggling with anxiety but doesn’t know how. There are a lot of people who either suffer from anxiety or want to help those who do, but don’t know how. I think this may help both raise awareness on the subject of mental health and may just help those out there who struggle. Please take some time if you can and contribute to the list! I will definitely quote your advice if I find it beneficial and you are more than welcome to stay anonymous if you so choose. Please just let me know!

Thank you so much,


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How To Deal With Negative Thoughts

Rashmi shares some great advice on eliminating negative thoughts! Please check out this great post!


Everyone has negative thoughts time to time in their lives, which is normal. But excessive negative thinking can cause physical and mental health problems. Negative thoughts are not caused by just a few people or situations. Everyone experience negative thoughts at some point in their lives. In fact, having negative thoughts is a normal phenomenon and there can be many different reasons for your negative thoughts.

I had been telling you to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. In many of my previous posts I have told that the way you think about yourself whether it is negative or positive your life will become positive and negative respectively.

psd-trash-can-iconNegative thoughts are occurring about us mostly in our mind such as “I should be better at this.”, “I’m a loser”, “I’m always ruining everything.” or “I’m pathetic.”

Many people ask me how to be more positive in life or how to…

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Another New Page!

While talking to my good friend, Ariel from Writing Radiation, I came up with an idea! I’ve created a page where I will be listing ways to help those who suffer from anxiety. I welcome anyone who has ideas to please let me know in the comment section. If I think that your advice is helpful, I’ll be more than happy to add it to the list! You can find the new page on the top menu of this blog or by going to this link. I’ll be more than happy to give you credit for your advice or keep it anonymous if you so choose.

I really feel that this is an important step to take. Many mental health issues (chronic health issues, etc.) are highly misunderstood. I feel that it is our job to help raise awareness so that people who do not know how to help those around them can try their hardest to offer their support. Please take some time and think of some ways that people can help those who suffer from mental health issues, especially anxiety. Thank you!

Holding On To the Feeling of Progress!

This morning I succeeded at something that I haven’t really done in a long time, or at least I haven’t done it as well as I did today. It’s something that I’ve been struggling with for a while and although I did manage to kind of succeed at it a little while ago, this is the first time in a long time that I really felt like I did a good job at it. It felt wonderful to make progress and realize that I have the ability to achieve my goals.

I just recently went to my therapist’s and he was saying how I have to realize that when I make progress and succeed at something that it’s not just luck. I wasn’t lucky today when I accomplished my goal, but rather I accomplished my goal because I am capable of making progress and facing my fears. I am stronger than my anxiety.

I think that it’s so easy (especially in times of struggling), to forget just how strong we are. I know that for me, it’s almost become habit to worry about things, to feel like I can’t do certain things. However, I have the ability to succeed and I’ve proven that to myself more than just once. It just takes consistent effort and practice to continue to show myself that I can get through my anxiety and overcome my obstacles.

It’s so important that when we succeed and make progress, that we hold on to the amazing feeling that achieving our goals provides. Achieving our goals proves to us that we are capable of making progress. Please realize that when you succeed at something, that it’s not just luck, but rather it’s your hard work paying off!


Yesterday I accomplished something that I’m quite proud of! I did this with no anxiety and let me tell you, it felt amazing! For a little while, I was very conscious of what was going on, but then I started to relax and as I was succeeding, I realized just how great it all felt.

I was, and still am, super proud of myself. I told my parents and a friend how happy I was to have succeeded and they were all very proud of me. A part of me felt silly being so proud and expressing this pride, but then I realized something with the help of a friend: there is no accomplishment too small to be proud of and quite frankly, I don’t think my accomplishment was very small at all. It’s one thing to get through something and another to do so without feeling any anxiety, and I’m very proud to say that I did a job well done!

This leads me to another point: any progress that is made should be celebrated in a healthy way, whether it’s considered big or small. Also, while you shouldn’t depend on others for recognition, there is nothing wrong with sharing your happiness. Additionally, while some people may not appreciate your accomplishments, others will and these are the people that you should be most grateful for (not that you shouldn’t be grateful for the other people in your life. Some people just have a difficult time understanding what they do not struggle with).

I would like to thank the first friend I shared my success with (you know who you are!). Thank you so much for being here for me, for listening, and for always caring. Your friendship means the world to me and so does your support. Seriously, I’m so happy to have met you!

I also want to thank everyone who supports me. I want to thank those who take the time to read, comment on, and ‘like’ posts on my blog. I want to thank those who take the time to email me and really get to know me while at the same time respecting my privacy. Thank you so much!

Please remember guys: no amount of progress is too small to celebrate! Even if some others may not understand the big deal, succeeding at something positive always matters! So be proud of yourself, be grateful, and remember that succeeding means that you have the ability to get over your obstacles!


Trying Extra Hard

Today I tried to accomplish something that I haven’t attempted in a long time. To be honest, I have mixed feeling about my progress. On one hand, I feel slightly disappointed. I was able to try what I wanted to, but I didn’t succeed to the full extent that I would have hoped. On the other hand, I did try and for my first attempt in a long time, I did fairly well.

Because I wasn’t fully happy with my results, I did the task again in the usual way that I get it done. I’m not going to lie – it was a pain. I had just tried to do what I wanted the ‘normal’ way and here I was, doing it again because I couldn’t just do it originally how I wanted.

I will be the first to admit it – it’s hard not being able to just do things that so many others find simple. Why does everything have to be so hard for me?

I’m ashamed to say that a part of me felt like trying today was pointless. After all, I just had to do the task over since I wasn’t happy with the first attempt. However, I know that the point isn’t to be perfect, but to try one’s hardest.

Trying extra hard can be stressful. I know that as I write this, I’m stressed. I’m tired of everything being so complicated and I’m tired of feeling so worn out from anxiety. I know deep down though that trying is worth it and I am proud that I gave it my all this morning.

Perfection is never guaranteed. Heck, perfection isn’t possible. If we try hard on a consistent basis though, we will be rewarded! So please don’t ever think that there is no point in trying. Some things take time, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t reach our goals!