October Photo Challenge – October 31st

Once again, I’d like to wish everyone who celebrates, a Happy Halloween! Have a great, safe holiday! To all of you who don’t celebrate, have a great last day of October! Stay safe and enjoy the day!

For today’s challenge, it’s scariest monster time!

I’m going to have to go with Sirens from Supernatural! WARNING: Scary images ahead!



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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

B.W. Ginsburg

Hey, B.W. Ginsburg here! Just want to wish everyone who celebrates a happy and safe Halloween!

Are you looking for a special treat for you or someone else this holiday? Why not treat yourself or that special someone to my new story, Rest in Piece, now available for purchase? If you’d like to check it out, click the link below!

Rest in Piece by B.W. Ginsburg

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Okay, so I was planning on only posting the image I created with my quote and reminding everyone to have a safe and happy holiday, but then I had such a great night that I thought I’d talk about it. First, let me tell you guys that I hope you all had a great Halloween and continue to if you’re still celebrating!

So before trick-or-treating started, I decided to write a Halloween story. I’m not really one for writing short stories, but I actually wrote one and while I haven’t re-read it yet, I think it’s pretty good. Anyway, after I finished that, it was pretty much time for trick-or-treating, so I put the candy in the bowl and got ready.

Usually a lot of kids don’t show up right away, but they did. I felt way more relaxed than usual when giving out candy and didn’t have to take as many breaks. I get really excited about Halloween (some people in my house think a little over-excited) and I like to protect the candy from getting in the hands of anyone except the kids who are supposed to be the ones getting it (i.e. I try to protect it from my brother!). Anyway, I’m so happy that in addition to enjoying giving out candy, I was able to do it with minimal anxiety. I remember that last year, while I was giving it out, there were times when I felt a little too anxious to keep getting up, but this time, I got through it a lot better.

I’ve always loved Halloween. My dad used to take me when I was little so I have a lot of good memories (though I always hated those smoke machines. For some reason they scared the heck out of me!). The only thing I would change about the holiday is that I think more people should walk with the kids rather than driving around, but I guess they don’t feel safe enough to do so, which is a shame but sometimes how it is. Anyway, I had a great Halloween and hope that everyone else did and continues to as well!

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Happy Halloween/A Message!

First, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween (I’m actually writing this the night before, but hopefully by the time you read it, it will be Halloween!). Anyway, I hope that everyone has a safe and fun holiday!