I Just Got Nominated Again!

Liebster Award

I have just been nominated again for the Liebster Award, this time thanks to Rachel at Sunny and Stormy Days! I learned of her blog through Tales in Anxiety. Thank you so much for nominating me and for writing your wonderful blog!

Instead of repeating the rules of the award, I ask that you please read them here.

Here are the bloggers and blogs that I would like to nominate!

1.) PHDinMeBlog

2.) Today I Choose Peace

3.) Wanderluster

4.) Fightingthestigma

5.) Tori’s Stories

6.) Motivation for Today’s REALITY

7.) Sunny and Stormy Days

Now for the really fun part, the questions!

  1. How did you first get into blogging? 
    • If first got into blogging after my therapist recommended I blog about my anxiety. My dad had also told me in the past to write about my anxiety.
  2. What would you say to someone who is planning on starting their own blog? 
    • I would say that it’s a great idea and that you should make sure that you not only write about something that will help others, but that you write something that you enjoy or that helps you. Also, be careful! I’m a strong believer in being honest on a blog and sharing, but don’t share information that is too personal!
  3. How would you describe your blog to an new reader? 
    • A blog where you can learn about my experiences with anxiety and where you can see that you’re not alone in your struggles.
  4. Describe yourself in three words, please?
    • Kind, hard-working, passionate
  5. What would be the worst question I could ask you? 
    • Where I live since I’m very private about that or why I’m always so anxious and worry so much.
  6. Who is the biggest inspiration in your life?
    • Living-my dad because he’s so supportive and kind. Who passed away-my grandma because she was so kind, caring, and never gave up
  7. If you won the lottery how would you first spend your money?
    • Ha, I’d buy a suede jacket or leather blazer. Perhaps both?
  8. What is your earliest memory?
    • Being in preschool I think.
  9. What was the last photo you took with your phone?
    • Good question! Of my dad making a funny face, before that a car I’m in love with!
  10. What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?
    • That I’m really nice or whenever someone says I did well with my anxiety. Also my theology teacher once said something along the lines of me being a wonderful person.
  11. What was the first thing you thought when you woke up this morning?
    • I believe it had to do with exercising.

For the record, these were great questions. Here are mine:

1.) Do you plan on blogging for a long time?

2.) If you aren’t married yet, what season would you like to get married in?

3.) If you haven’t had kids yet, what are some names you’d like to name your kids if you ever had any?

4.) What’s your favorite restaurant?

5.) Apple pie or Pumpkin?

6.) Think of your favorite TV show or movie. Who would you date in that TV show and or movie and why?

7.) Are you more of a movie person or TV show person?

8.) What’s your favorite TV show of all time?

9.) What grade were you in/age were you when you got your first cell phone?

10.) Is blogging all that you thought it would be? More?

11.) Would you rather travel around the world or live where you do now forever?

More Fun!

So, I’ve decided to dedicate another post to questions that I hope you guys will find fun to answer. You might be wondering what answering these questions have to do with anxiety. They may not be directly related, but distraction is a great way to get through anxiety and panic attacks so perhaps answering these can be a fun way to get through hard times! Hopefully though, you’re already having a good morning and simply want to have some fun! So without further ado, here are the questions:

1.) If you were a character in the TV show Friends, who would you be? Who of the six best describe you and why?

  • This one is hard for me to answer. I think I’m most like Rachel in the later seasons, when she’s not shallow or bratty. I’m a little like Monica but not in terms of her need for order and cleanliness. I’d say I’m a mixture of both of them if that’s possible.

2.) What is your favorite time travel movie?

  • Back to the Future

3.) If you could travel in time, would you go forward or backwards? Why?

  • This is another tough question. On one hand, I’d like to see my future so I could know how to adjust my present, but I’ve always been curious to see how my parents were when they were younger. I’d have to go with the past. Wherever I’d go though, I wouldn’t change anything! Number one mistake in the movies, lol.

4.) If you could put yourself in a movie, which would you put yourself in?

  • Back to the future.

5.) If you had the voice of any singer, who would you want to sing like?

  • Jewel, her voice is amazing!

6.) If you could own any wild animal, what would you own and why?

  • It’s between a Red Panda and a Dik Dik!



7.) Would you rather be an actor or singer?

  • Hmmm…singer!

8.) If you were an item of apparel, what would you be and why?

  • A t-shirt, because I’m down to Earth.

9.) If you were a type of flower, what would you be?

  • A rose

10.) Which would you rather own: a leather jacket or silk shirt?

  • Leather jacket, although I already have one! 🙂

11.) What is your favorite cartoon character?

  • Snoopy

12.) Are you a cat person or dog person?

  • Dog person

13.) If you’ve seen the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, what cartoon character in the movie would you most be friends with and why?

  • Roger Rabbit! He’s hilarious!

14.) Movie with the best quotes?

  • Roger Rabbit. I can name at least five great quotes from that movie!

I hope you guys had fun reading my answers. Feel free to answer the questions as well. I’d love to hear your responses!

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**Please check out https://zipsrid.wordpress.com/2015/09/05/bubbles-of-life-just-4-fun/