Rest in Piece Photo Contest Reminder

Hi everyone! As you may remember me mentioning, I am throwing a photo contest for my novel, Rest in Piece. This contest is an excellent way to show off your creativity! If you’ve already purchased or purchase my book by the 28th of April, then you can participate! For more information, feel free to click the link below! Thank you and good luck!

June Photo A Day Challenge & Book Challenge – June 8th

June Movie Photo Challenge:

CrEaTiVeLy DoNe:

Across the Universe!

This is a great movie! When I saw the commercials for it, I thought it would be creepy but I ended up loving it! It’s done so well and the music is great! To be honest, while I had obviously heard of The Beatles and their music before, this movie made me appreciate them even more! Also, the singers that they choose to sing the famous band’s songs are fantastic and I even own the Soundtrack! If you haven’t done so already, please check out this fantastic movie!

Found on Google Images
Taken by B.G. @ Getting Through Anxiety
Found on Google Images


Found on Google Images

Unlike Across the Universe, I don’t own this movie to have taken a picture of it. However, it was a fairly good film and was done really well! I loved how, for the majority, the movie was in black and white and then started to slowly turn to color. The movie also has a not so subtle moral, which I also think was done creatively!

Found on Google Images

Wanna participate? Check out the schedule below!


June Book Challenge:

I know this is yet another repeat, but this book was published this year!

Taken by B.G. @ Getting Through Anxiety

See schedule below! For more info on the book challenge click here!


Grains of Sand – April ’16

So while this month was kind of slow, I did accomplish some great things! Again I’d like to give a huge shout out to Sandy from Sandycademy for creating this wonderful way to keep track of our accomplishments!

-Accomplished something after not being able to the day before
• Getting back up after struggling is very important. Sometimes the fear of not being able to get back on track stops us from succeeding. However, I got up the day after struggling and succeeded at accomplishing a goal!
-Wrote more than 100 pages of the story I’m working on!
-Participated in the April Photo A Day Challenge! Thanks for the opportunity C. !
-Finished reading Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben.
-Created my own version of the May Photo A Day Challenge.

Mindfulness & Me

Hey guys! Matt created this wonderful project for us to share our experiences! Please consider sharing your story! 🙂

In Silence We Suffer

After a quick Google, I found this definition: Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations.

I know that strictly speaking, the practice of mindfulness focuses on the present, but it is my belief that it is also healthy to recognise our regrets over our past as well as our fears about our future. For me, it is only by doing this, that I can be at peace in the present.

A major aspect of my life that I’ve been trying to change these past few months is exactly that. My relationship with my emotions was at an unhealthy stage. Slowly, but surely, I’m starting to improve it. It is important to not hide from our emotions, but to embrace them, understand them and learn from them. All too often I used…

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Mindfulness & Me #1

Matt created this wonderful project, Mindfulness and Me! Please check out his blog and consider participating!

In Silence We Suffer

A big thank you to B for being the first to participate in my new series. I’ve got to know B quite well over recent months, and not only is she a fantastic blogger, she is also a supportive friend. I couldn’t recommend highly enough for you to click on the link and go visit her site!

Here’s B’s response to my questions:

Hi guys! I’m B.G. from Getting Through Anxiety. I’ve struggled with anxiety for several years and decided to write about my struggles and experiences after it was recommended to me by both my dad and therapist. I hope that by writing this blog, I can connect with others and reassure my readers that they are not alone.

1. What is your biggest regret?

I’d have to say that my biggest regret is all of the times that I’ve given into my anxiety and missed out on opportunities because of it.


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Added Fiverr Service!

Hey guys!

So I know I said that I wouldn’t mention that I’m selling things on Fiverr again, but I thought I would let you guys know that I am now also offering to write articles and posts about struggling with anxiety. I am willing to write about: what it’s like to struggle with anxiety, tips on getting through anxiety, and I’m willing to include inspirational messages about getting through our struggles. Once more here are the things I’m offering via Fiverr:

  • Poetry – Poems on a topic that you choose.
  • Inspirational articles/posts – Posts on achieving goals, getting through struggles, overcoming obstacles, etc.
  • Articles/posts on anxiety – Articles and posts about dealing with anxiety, tips on getting through anxiety, what it’s like to have anxiety, misconceptions about anxiety, etc.

Want to check out my Fiverr page? Click here!

Writing Challenge!

Okay guys, so this may not be the best writing I’ve ever done (okay, I know it’s not!), but I did give the challenge a try! So, here’s what I think a brief encounter might be like between Roger Rabbit and Count Vladamir Dracula!

Roger Rabbit pops up randomly in Love at First Bite


Roger to Count Vladimir Dracula: Where am I?

Dracula: New York. What are you? Some giant animated bug for my friend Renfield to eat?

Roger: A bug? No, I’m a rabbit. Roger’s the name! Who are you?

Dracula: Count Vladimir Dracula. You are one silly looking rabbit.

Roger: My goal is to make people laugh. Where’s Eddie?

Dracula: Who’s Eddie? I’m searching for my true love, Cindy Sondheim

Roger: Eddie’s my friend, he’s trying to free me of murder charges.

Dracula: Great, just my luck. I had to run into a rabbit who is a criminal.

Roger: I didn’t kill my dear Jessica, I was framed!

Dracula: Okay, whatever you say, you little rabbit. Why don’t you hop back to wherever you came from?

Roger: Well someone could use a lesson in etiquette. What do you do for a living, anyhow?

Dracula: I am a vampire. Haven’t you ever heard of me?

Roger: No. I thought you were a waiter! What’s with the cape?

Dracula rolls his eyes.



© B.G.,, 2016

Writing Challenge, Anyone?

So once again in my sleep (weird, huh?) I came up with a cool idea. In my dream, my teacher said that we had to pick two animated movie characters from different movies (or at least one animated character) and write a story about how they would interact. In my dream I was really into picking Roger Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Dracula from Love at First Bite! Anyway, when I woke up, I thought it would be cool to take on the challenge. So, I think I might try later! Also, I thought I would nominate you guys as well! So if anyone wants to try it, let me know in the comment section! 🙂