Time To Rate Some Shows!

Hey guys! So it’s been pretty exciting watching the new shows for Fall. I’ve decided to rate the ones I’ve watched so far! For the record, I still have some more to watch!


The Good Place – 4.5/5 stars

The Good Place is hilarious! I love Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. I also love William Jackson Harper’s character! If you want to watch a show that’ll crack you up, watch The Good Place!

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Kevin Can Wait 4/5 Stars

Kevin Can Wait is another really funny show. While I’m not in love with the character Chale and while the acting isn’t as good as in The Good Place, it’s still a great, funny show!

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Timeless – 4.5/5 Stars

So I was really excited for this show and while at first I was a little worried that the acting wouldn’t be very good (I’d only seen one of the actors in something – Matt Latner in the newer version of 90210), I ended up LOVING the show and loving all the main characters!

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MacGyver 1/5 Stars

No, no, no! I watched the first episode and was not impressed. AT ALL! I thought it might actually be good, but it wasn’t. Now maybe I was trying too hard to compare it to the original (which was great and can be found on Netflix!), but I was very disappointed. First of all, way too much of the show was narrated. Second of all, they labeled on the show like what everything was. I think we know what a paper clip looks like!

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June Photo A Day Challenge & Book Challenge – June 2nd

June Movie Photo Challenge:

Favorite Comedy!

Many of you may already know this, but I love Who Framed Roger Rabbit! The movie’s hilarious! There are great lines, funny characters, and it’s just done really well! Since I love the movie so much and want to share it with you, here’s some more great things about the movie!

Also, for those who don’t know, the plot is about Roger Rabbit being framed for the murder of his wife! I promise that it’s lighthearted!


1.) The fact that it’s half real people/ half animation.

  • While this is done a lot nowadays, I’m not sure how common it was when this movie first came out. It’s pretty cool how they do it!

2.) The hilarious lines!

  • There are some fantastic lines in this movie! Like when Roger Rabbit’s wife is suspected of cheating and Maroon Cartoon says, “Look Valiant, his wife’s poison, but he thinks she’s Betty Crocker!” Of course there’s also my favorite line ever!

    “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way” — Jessica Rabbit

3.) The characters!

  • The characters are great! I love how many cartoons you can find if you really look and the whole cast is great! Especially since half of them aren’t real!


I definitely recommend you guys check out this movie if you haven’t already!

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June Book Challenge:

I know this is a repeat guys, but my favorite book is Dead Lines by Greg Bear!









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