September Character Photo Challenge – September 15th

Okay, due to thinking that today was a fictional past that I wish was real (it’s actually future today and past tomorrow!), I’m going to have to switch the days around so I have more time to think about it. However, for a fictional past that I wish was real, I’m going with the Old West from Back to the Future III. Marty and Doc may have encountered some issues with Buford ‘Mad Dog’ Tannen, but other than that, it seemed pretty fun!

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“Which Do You Prefer?” Book Tag!


So I know that there are similar book tags out there, but I thought I’d create one myself! So without further ado, “Which do you prefer…?”

1.) Writing or reading books?

This is kind of hard. Then again, I love to do both to be honest. I think I have to say that I like to write stories more than read them, but only because I want to be a writer and because, I do enjoy it. However, reading books is much easier and I do enjoy that as well – which is why I wanted to become a writer in the first place!

2.) Reading hardbacks or paperbacks?

Paperbacks all the way! For some reason, hardcovers just look so much more daunting. I own both though and having hardcovers seems more important and substantial. Maybe that doesn’t make sense, but it’s true.

3.) Reading E-books or books you can actually hold?

Definitely tangible books. Reading on the computer or tablet frustrates the crap out of me!

4.) Reading books with the protagonist of a woman or man?

Actually I prefer reading books where the protagonist is a man. No idea why!

5.) Reading books written by men or women?

Men though I know how wrong it is to say that! Especially since I want to be a professional author one day and I’m a woman!

6.) Reading books or listening?

Reading. I’ve never listened to an audio book and have absolutely no desire to!

7.) Reading out loud or in your head?

In my head

8.) Getting books from the library/borrowing them or buying them?

I like owning books more, but it’s safer to get them from the library first and see if you like them. But I guess I like owning them more! Who doesn’t?!

9.) Reading thrillers or romance?

Thrillers all the way!

10.) Writing in books or not?


11.) Reading long books or short?

I like reading books that are about 400 pages long. Not sure if that’s long, short, or in the middle!


I nominate everyone, but especially…

Bookmark Chronicles

The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise

Hot Shot Headlines

Life Lessons Around The Dinner Table

That Bookshelf Bitch

Writing Radiation

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15 Weird Questions Tag!

I was just checking out Shannon’s blog, Captivated~by~Fantasy and I saw this awesome tag! I thought I would participate. I might not answer all the questions, but I will answer some! 🙂










1. What’s a nickname only your family calls you?

  • I’m already skipping one. Sorry!

2. What’s a weird habit of yours?

  • Just like Shannon, I play with my hair a lot. I even sometimes knot it.

3. Do you have any weird phobias?

  • Not really. I wouldn’t go out of my way to walk under a ladder or anything, but I’m not really superstitious in general.

4. What’s a song you secretly LOVE to blast & belt out when you’re alone?

  • I’m not really secretive about any music I listen to. However, I do believe that some singers/songs are meant to be played really loud. For example, Paint it Black (Vanessa Carlton version) or any song by Joan Jett!

5. What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

  • I hate when people call you and you call them back literally a second later and they don’t answer! Where did they go?!

6. What’s one of your nervous habits?

  • Playing with/knotting my hair. Seriously, I need to stop!

7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?

  • Too personal

8. What was your first stuffed animal & what was its name?

  • I’m not really sure. However, when I was younger I was really unimaginative with the names! You know, like if it was a brown dog, I’d name him Brownie!

9. What’s the drink you ALWAYS order at Starbucks?

  • I really like their hot chocolate! 🙂 I used to drink the Caramel Macchiato but then I realized coffee made me really shaky. It sure was good though!

10. What’s the beauty rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice? 

  • Washing my face every day. I always say how I want to, but I always stop. I know, horrible.

11. Which way do you face in the shower?

  • Too personal and too weird!

13. What’s your favourite ‘comfort food’/food that’s ‘bad’ but you love to eat it anyways?

  • Potato chips!

14. What’s a phrase or exclamation you always say?

  • “Really?” or “So not true!”

15. Time to sleep – what are you ACTUALLY wearing?

  • My clothes. I know I should wear pajamas and I do own several pairs, but I just don’t. I dunno why, that’s just how I roll I guess. 🙂

I Tag:

The Bookish Underdog

Tori’s Stories

Alifya Beautylife Talk

You’re Not Alone In This World



Who Am I Tag?

I was just tagged by C. over at You’re Not Alone In This World for this really fun tag! Thank you so much, C. !

Topics That I’ll Be Doing: 

  • Myers Briggs Personality Quiz.
  • What My Name Means.
  • My Learning Style Quiz.
  • Career I Should Be In Quiz.
  • Left Brained, or Right Brained Quiz.

Myers Briggs Personality Quiz.

Your personality type is:

Advocate (INFJ-t)

This trait determines how we interact with our environment.
This trait shows where we direct our mental energy.
This trait determines how we make decisions and cope with emotions.
This trait reflects our approach to work, planning and decision-making.
This trait underpins all others, showing how confident we are in our abilities and decisions.
2% Assertive
98% Turbulent

INFJ Personality (“The Advocate”)

The INFJ personality type is very rare, making up less than one percent of the population, but they nonetheless leave their mark on the world. As Diplomats (NF), they have an inborn sense of idealism and morality, but what sets them apart is the accompanying Judging (J) trait – INFJs are not idle dreamers, but people capable of taking concrete steps to realize their goals and make a lasting positive impact.

INFJs tend to see helping others as their purpose in life, but while people with this personality type can be found engaging rescue efforts and doing charity work, their real passion is to get to the heart of the issue so that people need not be rescued at all.
What My Name Means:
Meaning & History
“hill”, or by extension “high, noble”. It was borne by the semi-legendary Irish king Brian Boru, who thwarted Viking attempts to conquer Ireland in the 11th century. He was slain in the Battle of Clontarf, though his forces were decisively victorious. The name was common in Ireland before his time, and even more so afterwards. It came into use in England in the Middle Ages, introduced by Breton settlers. It subsequently became rare, but was revived in the 20th century.

Your Scores:

  • Auditory: 35%
  • Visual: 45%
  • Tactile: 20%

Career I Should Be In Quiz:

Interest Level: 67% Language & Communication Careers

Employment in media and communication careers is expected to grow at a rate of 4% from 2014-2024. These careers growth rate is attributed by the need to create and share information a variety of ways. If your free career test reveals a high interest in language and communication, you can start to research college degree programs today in marketing, business, and communications. Some college degree programs are offered online.

Recommended Student Classes: Writing, public speaking, computer classes, psychology, and sociology will be beneficial. Careers: English, Foreign Language, or Literature Teacher $, Technical Writer and Editor $, Interpreter/Translator ↑, Public Relations $↑, Marketing and Advertising $↑.

Right Brained or Left Brained Quiz.

You use your brain equally.







Anyone who wants to participate! Please let me know if you do!
*Images found on Google Images or sites that quizzes were taken on.

Four Fact Survey!

I’m so excited to fill out this survey that I was tagged for by C. at You’re Not Alone In This World! Please check out her wonderful blog!

Four names people call me other than my real name: 

1.) B.

2.) B.G.

3.) A nickname my dad gave me that I’d rather not post (don’t worry, it’s not bad or anything!)

4.) B – Nut (Not anymore, but my aunt used to call me this)


Four Jobs I’ve Had: 

This going to sound horrible, but I’ve actually never really worked. I did help my great aunt in the library though. I do want to work, but due to my anxiety, I don’t.


Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once: 

1.) Back to the Future

2.) Roger Rabbit

3.) Serendipity

4.) Independence Day


Four Books Or Authors I’d Recommend: 

1.) Harlan Coben

2.) James Patterson

3.) John Saul

4.) Peter Straub


Four Places I’ve Lived: 

Too personal. I’ve only lived one place though!


Four Places I’ve Visited: 

1.) Chicago

2.) Florida

3.) Myrtle Beach

4.) New York City


Four Things I’d Rather Be Doing Right Now: 

1.) Watching Haven

2.) Writing my story

3.) Reading

4.) Going outside


Four food I prefer not to eat:

1.) Shrimp

2.) Lobster (Never had, never want to!)

3.) Hummus (used to like, not anymore!)

4.) Pineapple


Four of my favorite foods: 

1.) Eggplant

2.) Stuffing!

3.) French beans

4.) Hash browns


Four Shows I Watch: 

1.) Arrow

2.) The Flash

3.) Limitless

4.) Nashville


Four Things I’m Looking Foward To This Year: 

1.) Summer

2.) Reading

3.) Working on my story more

4.) Blogging


Four Things I’m Always Saying: 


“You’re joking, right?”

“Can I ask you something?”

“Are you okay?”


Four People I Tag:

In Silence We Suffer

Mary’s Average Adventures

Curious Queendom

The Bookish Underdog




Mental Illness Tag – B.G.

As mentioned, I’m going to participate in the Mental Illness Tag created by Becca at Becca Does Life Things. I tag everyone who struggles with mental health issues to complete this tag! If you do, please let me know in the comment section. I’d love to read your answers! For more info on this tag, read here!

1.) What mental illness do you have? Not to be picky, but I don’t consider anxiety an “illness”, I consider it a mental health issue. Anyway, I have severe anxiety.

2.) When were you diagnosed? I’m not exactly sure. A long time ago, I was diagnosed with OCD. I do think that I have a little bit of that sometimes, but I think that it mainly comes from my anxiety. I still have obsessive compulsive moments, but like I said, I think it’s all part of my anxiety. I’ve known that I’ve had anxiety for a long time. It got really bad my Junior year of high school.

3.) Who knows about it? Pretty much everyone I know. Unfortunately, my anxiety is very severe, so I explain it to a lot of people I know. It doesn’t always help because people don’t seem to understand that it’s a real issue and not just an excuse to get out of things, etc.

4.) Do you receive treatment for it? Yes. I take medicine every day and I see a therapist. I hate taking the medicine, but if it helps, it helps.

5.) Has your mental illness stopped you from doing anything? Yes, too many things. There are so many things that I used to do on a regular basis that I don’t anymore. My anxiety is very strong and oftentimes I don’t feel like I can do the things that I once did all the time and loved. I don’t think that everyone always believes it, but I really do want to go back to doing the things I love with ease.

6.) Is there anything in particular that has helped you? Yes. Having people who try to understand and who support me is really important and helps a lot. Also, seeing a therapist who understands what I go through and is helpful is beneficial. Lastly, practicing exposure therapy and exercising on a consistent basis helps as well.

7.) Can you describe what it feels like to have your mental illness? Horrible. I worry that I don’t have control over my body although I do. For example, sometimes I obsess about things that most people don’t even think about. Obsessing about things too much makes it feel like I’m unable to do things, even though I know that nothing’s physically wrong with me.

8.) What is a common misconception about your mental illness? A lot of people seem to be under the impression that I “fake” my anxiety or that I experience it because I’m “immature” or need to “grow up”. A lot of people don’t seem to understand just how scary and serious anxiety can be. Anxiety has nothing to do with being immature and most people don’t “fake” having anxiety. Anxiety is a very real issue.

9.) What do you find the most difficult to deal with? Struggling with things that should actually be simple. Also, seeing the people around me saying or thinking things that are negative and not true. It hurts to see some of my loved ones treat me the way they do because of my anxiety. Not everyone is understanding. Also, I miss doing a lot of the things I used to enjoy.

10.) Do you have anything else you’d like to say? I want to remind everyone who struggles to have hope and to try their hardest to get through their mental health issues and illnesses on a consistent basis. Never give up! To those of you who don’t struggle with mental health issues and have trouble understanding those who do, please try to be kind to those who struggle and try your hardest to try to understand.

*Image found on Google Images

Mental Illness Tag

Becca from Becca Does Life Things talks about her anxiety and the stigma that surrounds mental illness and mental health issues. Please visit her great blog! I will be participating in this tag.


Hello everybody!! How are you today, I hope you’re having a lovely day. I actually had a bit of a difficult weekend and it’s what inspired me to write this post for you today! It’s also mental health awareness month so every Monday this month I will be posting a blog about my mental health experience. The reason I had such a difficult weekend was because I experienced the stigma and discrimination that surrounds mental illness first hand. I heard things that some people from my uni course, which I’ve taken a year out of, have been saying about why I’m not there right now. The rumours range from ‘she’s just done really badly and wanted an excuse to get out of the year’ to ‘she’s clearly just weird.’ Just to clarify: neither of these are true!! Well I’m maybe a little weird…but weird people are always the best ones!…

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The Happiness Tag

So I wasn’t exactly tagged for this, but I thought it was really cool so I chose to participate. Alex from Happy Alex filled out this wonderful tag! Please check out her blog!

List Five Things That Make You Happy

1.) Getting Through My Anxiety/Not Experiencing Anxiety – I know this is probably obvious, but when I achieve a goal or do something without getting anxious, it feels wonderful! Also, I love how it feels to know that I have the strength to get through my anxiety and accomplish things!

2.) Getting genuinely kind comments from, making friends with, and helping, bloggers – So many of you are so kind and helpful. Your constant kindness and friendship makes me so happy!

3.) Spending time with animals – I love animals. They’re kind, loving, and being around them makes me happy.

4.) Being around friends and family – Being around friends and family, especially those who show love and support means the world to me!

5.) Listening to music/dancing anxiety free – I’ve always loved dancing and singing. Plus, listening to music is just a wonderful experience!

List Five Songs That Make You Happy

1.) Life Uncommon by Jewel – This song is great for reminding me that I have the strength to get through anxiety. It’s also a great reminder of how important it is to concentrate on the positive things in life instead of the negative. Plus, I love Jewel!

2.) Paint It Black (the Vanessa Carlton version) – While this song isn’t exactly happy, I love dancing to it!

3.) Wind It Up by Gwen Stefani – Another song I love dancing to!

4.) American Pie by Don McLean – I don’t know why, but singing this song just makes me happy. I really like the words and imagery it invokes!

5.) I Wish by Stevie Wonder – I just really like this song!


I Tag:

Mary’s Average Adventures

In Silence We Suffer

The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise

Reads and Treats

Bookmark Chronicles

Anyone Who Wants To Participate!


I also have to mention that writing and reading makes me happy! I can’t forget those!!!


Get To Know Me Tag

I was just nominated by Rae over at Bookmark Chronicles for the Get To Know Me Tag! Thank you so much, Rae! I won’t be answering all the questions due to some being too personal, but I will answer some of them!

Vital Stats

  • Name: B.G.
  • Nickname: B. , B.G.
  • Birthday: 
  • Star Sign: 
  • Occupation: N/A


  • Hair color: 
  • Hair length: mid length
  • Eye color: 
  • Best feature: eyes
  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: Nope
  • Right or Left: Not sure what this is referring to.


  • Best Friend: Amy, in the first grade.
  • Award: Not sure.
  • Sport: I played softball when I was younger. I wasn’t very good!
  • Real Holiday: Easter?
  • Concert: Jewel 🙂


  • Film: Back to the Future
  • TV Show: Friends
  • Color: Blue
  • Song: Lyrically speaking – New Wild West by Jewel
  • Restaurant: Chili’s!
  • Shop: Forever 21
  • Book: Dead Lines by Greg Bear


  • Feeling: A little tired
  • Single/Taken: : N/A
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Thinking About: This post and watching TV!
  • Watching: Limitless
  • Wearing: Clothes


  • Want children: I think so
  • Want to be married: Eventually, yes
  • Careers in Mind: Professional writer
  • Where you want to live: I don’t know.

Do You Believe in…

  • God: Yes
  • Miracles: Yes
  • Love at First Sight: Not really
  • Ghosts: Nope
  • Aliens: Nope
  • Soul Mates: Yes
  • Heaven: Yes
  • Hell: Yes
  • Kissing on the First Date: If I really like the person, then yes
  • Yourself: Yes

I tag:

You’re Not Alone In This World

In Becky’s Head

*Please be safe while filling these questions out and remember that you don’t have to answer any questions that you don’t feel safe answering!


The Around The World In Barely A Minute Tag!

I’ve just been nominated by C. over at You’re Not Alone in this World for The Around The World In Barely A Minute Tag! Thank you so much, C.!

The Rules:

  • Showcase the picture above.
  • Thank the blog who nominated you.
  • Show off a pic or name all the countries that your visitors are from (2016).
  • Tag 5 people to participate!
United States
United Kingdom
South Africa
New Zealand
Czech Republic


Man, that’s a lot! Thank you to all my visitors!
I tag: