No More – A Poem

No More

Stop telling me lies
Stop filling my head with doubts
Stop stripping away
What life is all about

Cut out the obsessing
Erase the apostrophe t in can’t
Stop trying to destroy the seeds
Of positivity that I continue to plant

Can’t you see I don’t want you
Hanging around anymore?
Can’t you see that I’m trying
To lead you out the door?

I keep pushing you away
As you try to pull me back in
Causing conflicting feelings
As my head continues to spin

I’m not going to ask kindly anymore
That you leave me alone
Don’t expect me to speak to you
With a loving, even tone

From the beginning you stepped into my life
I knew that you were trouble
You’ve made me feel scared
As I began to stumble

But no more will I be
Victim to your ways
No more will I be a part
Of the games you play

© B.G. ,


Getting Through – A Poem

Getting Through

Sometimes it seems
Like I’m not strong enough
But then I remember
That it’s all a lie

I begin to feel hopeless
Remembering how it once was
But then I remember
How hard I try

The sun begins to shine
The clouds begin to fade
I realize that this will pass
As long as I never give in

I know that I am stronger
Than the fear that tries to take control
In time this will get easier
No matter how hard it’s been

Whether they believe in me or not
I have enough hope
Even if I have to dig deep
I will find faith

For I’m tired of being afraid
Tired of these tears
I want to prove to myself
That I can feel safe

So next time you feel lost
Or like you cannot win
Remember all the times
That you’ve managed to succeed

Though your mind may seem cloudy
And your memories may seem far away
Great strength and great trust
Can sprout from the smallest seed

© B.G. ,

A Quote!

So I would like to thank Stephanie over at Stephellaneous for extending the challenge to come up with three quotes for three days. Thanks to her, it made me think of more quotes about anxiety. Here is one I came up with myself! I hope you all enjoy it and that you find it helpful!

“When anxiety calls, don’t pick up. It will try to hog your attention every time!” B.G. -Getting Through Anxiety

Please check out Stephanie’s blog!

Friends of Fall – A Poem

Photo by Kim

The following poem, Fall Friends, is another poem written by my good friend Kim and I. Fall is actually one of my favorite seasons as I love the fall colors and weather (at least when it’s not freezing!) and so Kim and I decided to write about both Autumn and the animals that can be seen during the season. I want to thank Kim again for taking the time to collaborate on a poem with me, as she is a wonderful friend and writer! Please visit her blogs at Peace, Love and Patchouli, The Lavender Letters, and thereinventionintention for great poetry and insight. Thank you for reading!


Fall Friends

By: B.G. and Kim

Sitting on the side steps
Taking in the fresh air
I feel a sense of pleasantness
That sometimes seems quite rare

All of a sudden I see
A flash of brown coming my way
But you rush off in a panic
Before I can ask you to stay.

These sights of Autumn fill me
With peace and joy abound
As time moves on I see
The colors around me falling down.

The creatures move much closer
Gathering their sustenance to live
Yet I am truly blessed
As their presence a gift they give.

As the robins leave
The blue jays decide to stay
While cardinals make their plans to wait
For the summer sky to turn grey

As I hear them chirp
I offer breadcrumbs and seeds
Hoping I can give them the love
That every creature needs​


The hounds run to the trees
With the chipmunks and squirrels on high
Giving chase on cool fall days
Wishing they could perhaps fly.


The sights and sounds of autumn
As frosty grass crunches beneath
The pumpkins empty of seed
Orange rind for deer I bequeath.


Though the weather is cool
Forming Goosebumps on my arm
All of the creatures assure me
That there’s no reason for alarm


They convince me to stay nearby
Asking to please join them as they play
Promising that visiting will provide me
A warm and happy day


Invisible Friends: A Poem

invisiblefriendsImage can be found here

I first “met” Kim through her blog, The Lavender Letters. Ever since Kim first commented on my blog, she’s been nothing but kind. We soon began communicating through email and I realized just how much we have in common. She is one of the most positive people I have ever encountered through blogging and she is extremely talented. Both Kim and I write poetry and I thought it would be wonderful if we were to work together to create a poem about friendship.

Having a meaningful friendship online isn’t always easy. Because no one can ever really know someone without meeting them and slowly learning if they can trust them, one has to be safe and yet willing to share kindness. There needs to be a balance; we need to share our experiences, while still being cautious. While we may not always be able to meet someone in person due to safety reasons, we can still make connections and that is what the poem Kim and I wrote together is all about.

A friend is someone who you feel you can count on and who offers understanding and kindness. I consider Kim a good friend, as well as a lot of other bloggers I speak to. I hope you all enjoy reading this collaborative poem by Kim and I. Thank you!

Invisible Friends

By: B.G. and Kim

Part of me regrets
That we’ve never met
And that we’ve only talked
Through words on an electronic page

We speak through wires and keys
Thoughts flowing with ease
Yet we are like birds
Locked within this cage

Yet here you are before me
Words written to share glimpses
Of your soul that speaks,
Getting to know you.

To find a friend not met
To share a virtual talk across worlds
Our paths may never cross perhaps
Except through a sentence or two.

For as much as we may want to meet face to face
We need to remember the importance of being safe
For in this world there are those less than kind
Those who do not know the true value of a friend

But you have managed to constantly brighten my day
With the constant words of kindness that you say
You’re always there offering a helping hand
Full of advice you find in your heart to lend

But in the quiet space when I feel lost
I know your invisible thoughts come to reach me
To give me the gift of support,
To tell me I’m not so alone.

And in a world of pain
Where we need kindness to stay sane
I look to you for comfort
From the coldness I sometimes feel

And in every word you type
You make it all alright
For having someone understand
Can have the amazing power to heal

*B.G. is the author of Getting Through Anxiety. Thanks for reading my blog!

**Kim is the author of The Lavender Letters, Peace, Love and Patchouli, and thereinventionintention. Please check out these great blogs!