“By Now…”

Hey everybody!

In less than a month, it will be my birthday. I’ve always been excited about turning another year older and while I still am, I must admit that I am a bit disappointed. By now I thought that I would have accomplished a lot more in life and, honestly, I thought I would be much further along in making progress when it came to getting through my anxiety.

While the above statement is true, I also realize that I’ve made a lot of progress. While there are still a lot of things that I struggle with, I have overcome a lot of obstacles and I am very proud of myself.

I think it’s hard not to compare ourselves to others and get depressed about what we wish we would have accomplished by a certain point in our lives. We look into the future and worry that we’ll forever struggle with what threatens to hold us back. It’s very hard sometimes to see ourselves getting through what we’re currently dealing with.

What we all need to focus on, though, is the progress that we’ve already made. There was a point in my life when I didn’t think I’d be as far as I’ve come. The fact that I’ve made the progress I have is proof that I can make even more – even if it does take some time.

I completely understand if you find yourself feeling down about the fact that you may have not achieved as much as you would have liked by now. I’ve been there – and I am there. However, at the same time, I guarantee that you have made some positive progress and that’s what we all need to focus our energy on. We can get through our anxiety and overcome our obstacles. All we need to do is work hard, have faith in ourselves, and be patient.


5 Replies to ““By Now…””

  1. I’m with you. I celebrate a milestone birthday in August – I’m turning 30. It’s felt like a big deal to me. I’m excited, but I feel a bit unsure of myself, too.

    1. I get that. I think it’s hard not to think about all the things we wish we would have accomplished by now. You seem like a great person though and I’m sure you’ve accomplished a lot! Don’t forget to be proud of yourself! As always, thanks for reading and commenting, Laura!

  2. I just had this conversation last week. It made me feel overwhelmed because I was thinking I’m in my forties and I see people in their twenties that made it further than I have due to being committed to their purpose. I had to realize it is never too late to accomplish what I truly want in life! I am beginning to focus more on MY Purpose and not the progress of others. My journey belongs to me and someone else’s belong to them. It’s ok to help each other along the way!!!!

    1. Exactly! It can be hard not to compare ourselves to others but it really doesn’t matter how far (or not far) it is in their lives. We have to focus on our own lives and reaching our own goals! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! I wish you all the best.

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