12 thoughts on “April Polls – April Anticipation!

      • May I ask (“no” is always an understandable answer) what you do to celebrate Easter? Do you eat dinner? Paint eggs? Look for magical hidden eggs?

        Since I’m Jewish, I’ve never celebrated Easter. Unlike Christmas, I’ve never attended an Easter celebration, however.

      • We have dinner there. When I was younger, I used to color Easter eggs with my grandma, but she passed away a while ago and I got older. Will you be doing anything for Passover this year?

      • I’m so sorry about your Grandmother. I’m glad that you have those fun memories of spending time with her, though. I’m also glad that you’re spending time with your family & enjoying a lovely meal together.

        Hmm.. not this year. Some years, my friend does a Passover celebration at her apartment. But, not this year. She has too much going on. We used to do it every year with Grammy, but she’s in Ohio now & she hasn’t been able to cook a huge (she would cook for an entire Army battalion) meal like that in at least a decade.

        But… again, fun memories. 🙂

      • Thanks. Yeah, I have a lot of good memories that I’m grateful for!

        Sorry you won’t be celebrating this year! I know that my uncle is throwing it but it’s kind of far for us to go due to what time it’ll be at.

        I’m sorry that it’s harder for your grandma to do stuff now. I hope you’re able to spend some time with her soon.

      • Ugh. I’m sorry it’s such a long trip. Still, I hope it’ll be worth it! We have similar concerns on Thanksgiving at my cousin’s house.

        I hope I can see her soon too. Elayne says she’s not doing well. Unfortunately, it’s a lot of money to fly out to where they are now. I’ve got to look into it now that Dad’s doing a bit better. Thanks for reminding me!

      • It must be hard to try & celebrate both holidays. Still, I’m glad you’re going to have a nice family dinner for Easter!

        Thanks. I hope she does too. :-/

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