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Warehouse 13: The Complete Series Amazon.com

Supernatural: Seasons 1-10 Complete Series [Blu-ray] [Region-Free] [AU Import] Amazon.com

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Jumanji (Collector's Series) Amazon.com

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Rest in Piece by [Ginsburg, B.W.] Cover design by D. Ginsburg Rest in Piece by B.W. Ginsburg  – My first published novel ever, Rest in Piece is about a twelve year old girl named Louise who must find the strength and courage to find and rescue the lost souls of the dearly departed before it’s too late. She must open her heart and mind to the unbelievable so that she can save those who depend on her.

While it may be hard to wrap her mind around ideas that she once only read about, Louise must step up and prove to herself and others that she can do what she was born to do – stop evil from latching on to those who deserve peace and salvation.

Pick up your copy of Rest in Piece…

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