Making Assumptions Is NOT The Answer

I would like to preface this post by saying that I understand that not all people mean to hurt the feelings of others. I also know that sometimes when we are struggling, we tend to be extra sensitive. However, this does not make it okay for people to draw conclusions about us before they really get to know more about who we are.

As many of you already know, I suffer from anxiety. While I am physically fine, sometimes my anxiety causes me to feel otherwise – causing me to feel shaky and weak. Sometimes I even ask my loved ones to help me get around when we go out because I don’t feel confident enough to do it myself. It sucks and honestly, it’s really difficult to watch myself go through something like this.

I think a lot of people mistake having anxiety for being ‘slow’ or incompetent. These things couldn’t be further from the truth. Having anxiety does not make you slow or stupid. Having anxiety just means that you worry a lot and cause yourself to over-think, etc.

Today I went to the store with my dad. Now for me to go out shopping is a big deal and even if I don’t walk around a lot, it means a lot to me. While the woman there was nice to me, I also felt like she was treating me like I was unintelligent. She explained something to me and then went to tell my dad the same thing as if I didn’t understand.

Maybe I’m just being sensitive, but I don’t think so. Even my dad noticed how she treated me differently than she might treat someone else.

I understand how some people may come to the conclusion that I’m slow or that something other than anxiety is my issue. Heck, before I began really struggling with anxiety, if I saw someone holding onto a family member or friend for help, I might have thought the same. It’s not that I act slow or incompetent, but sometimes people are quick to judge and therein lies the problem.

If you see someone struggling, try not to draw conclusions or make assumptions. If one quickly comes into your head, remind yourself that until you really get to know a person, you can’t be sure of what they’re going through. Even if you’re not trying to, drawing false conclusions can lead you to treat someone in a way that they don’t deserve. How would you like it if someone treated you like you were incompetent when really you were quite intelligent? If you want to understand someone, GET TO KNOW THEM!

If you’ve ever gone through this before, please know that you are not alone. Some people tend to judge. Continue to remind yourself of who you are and don’t allow the negative aspects in your life to define you!


4 Replies to “Making Assumptions Is NOT The Answer”

  1. To be honest, anxiety is usually more of a sign of intelligence. We literally over think things, and our minds are usually going a mile a minute, considering all possible outcomes…most of which are usually horrifying. I have nearly had a panic attack in a crowded supermarket, which is one of the many reasons my husband does the grocery shopping (I also have some physical health issues, too). The problem is mental health is so stigmatized in our society that people only “know” pop culture versions of it, and that’s mostly erroneous. There is a dire need for not only support but education.

    1. Thanks and I’ve heard that too – that anxiety sufferers are really smart and hence over-thinkers. As I believe my therapist said, if I wasn’t smart, I wouldn’t be over-thinking and stuff.

      I agree – people stigmatize anxiety and so many other things. They come to conclusions that aren’t true. Thanks for reading and for sharing!

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