February Polls – Stephen King Movies

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7 thoughts on “February Polls – Stephen King Movies

      • Seriously?! Sadly, I believe it! It’s definitely not his “usual” style. But, that’s not surprising – it’s one of his short stories. I was really impressed with how he transformed such a brief narrative into such a beautiful, moving, full-length movie.

        Honestly, I actually preferred the movie to the short story on that one. LOL

        Which is your favorite?

      • I actually never read the story, but it is a good movie!

        My favorite Stephen King movie (actually a short series) is Storm of the Century. There are so many great ones though! The Green Mile is probably second!

      • You should check out the story (they have it listed as a novella on Wikipedia, but we know how accurate that can be lol)! It’s in a collection called “Different Seasons.”

        From what I remember, I liked The Green Mile. I’m sure I’ve got a list of movies I have to see somewhere & there are definitely some Stephen King works on there! LOL

      • Well, you did say that you enjoy his short stories. Your Dad knows you & Stephen King’s work, so I’d definitely listen to that suggestion!

        I promise I’m not just saying that because I enjoyed the book (gave it the highest possible score on my personal notes; I wasn’t doing Goodreads at that point lol).

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