February Polls – Stephen King Movies

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7 Replies to “February Polls – Stephen King Movies”

      1. Seriously?! Sadly, I believe it! It’s definitely not his “usual” style. But, that’s not surprising – it’s one of his short stories. I was really impressed with how he transformed such a brief narrative into such a beautiful, moving, full-length movie.

        Honestly, I actually preferred the movie to the short story on that one. LOL

        Which is your favorite?

      2. I actually never read the story, but it is a good movie!

        My favorite Stephen King movie (actually a short series) is Storm of the Century. There are so many great ones though! The Green Mile is probably second!

      3. You should check out the story (they have it listed as a novella on Wikipedia, but we know how accurate that can be lol)! It’s in a collection called “Different Seasons.”

        From what I remember, I liked The Green Mile. I’m sure I’ve got a list of movies I have to see somewhere & there are definitely some Stephen King works on there! LOL

      4. Well, you did say that you enjoy his short stories. Your Dad knows you & Stephen King’s work, so I’d definitely listen to that suggestion!

        I promise I’m not just saying that because I enjoyed the book (gave it the highest possible score on my personal notes; I wasn’t doing Goodreads at that point lol).

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