February Polls – Snacks

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6 Replies to “February Polls – Snacks”

  1. I have such a wicked sweet tooth – I had to pick cookies! In fact, Dad & I went to a bakery today to get some challah (traditional, Jewish, braided egg-bread), & the lovely woman working the counter gave me a free cookie!

    Dad says it’s because I still look like a little kid. XD

    Which is your favorite snack?

      1. Challah is sooooo good. So was the cookie I got – it’s called Rugelach. It’s a sort of crescent-shaped dough wrapped around a filling (I got chocolate!), then its coated in sugar (sometimes).

        What kind of potato chips do you like? Plain? Ruffled? Sour cream & onion? 🙂

      2. It’s very possible you heard of them. Bakeries & some stores carry them. They’re delicious, but they can be an acquired taste (they’re made with sour cream, which some people find “odd”).

        Ooo. Those are good! I’m not a big chip fan, but I like sour cream & onion when I eat them at all. 🙂

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