Once Upon A Time…

I think it’s common for anxiety sufferers (especially when the individual has experienced times of freedom from anxiety), to look back on when they were better with a sense of longing and sadness – sadness that things that were once easy, now seem difficult.

Today I went out with my family and while I did pretty well, I was upset that I struggled a little. I thought about how just a few years ago, I was in college doing things on my own. Now, things that I never thought would seem difficult, sometimes do.

However, after mentioning to my dad how this fact upset me, he brought up a good point. While it might be upsetting to see myself struggling so much, I should also realize that I struggled even more at one point that I do now. There are things that, while still challenging due to my anxiety, are getting a little easier again. My dad was right, there are definitely areas in which I am improving and while I still need to work even harder, I’ve made progress because I have taken the steps to do so. I’m grateful that I’m making progress and I should be proud of myself. In many ways, I am proud of myself.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the light through the darkness. As cliche as that sounds, it’s true. Next time you feel a sense of sadness and defeat due to struggling and remembering how you were doing much better, remember all of the progress you have made!


13 Replies to “Once Upon A Time…”

  1. I agree. This is awesome though. You should be proud of yourself. 🙂 When I’m feeling low I tend to do a reward system method. If i do something productive, I give myself a small reward. 🙂
    I suffer with anxiety too, if I put myself in a situation that I know will make me anxious, I always reward myself afterwards, even if I had to leave early or didn’t do as much as I wanted to. I tried, that’s the main thing. 🙂
    Great post. 🙂
    – Hannah

  2. We are on similar journeys. My blog is Timetobefearless.. and fearlessness is what I have discovered in myself this year. It looks like you have too. Wonderful post!

  3. You should absolutely be proud of yourself & how far you’ve come! Also, Dad makes a lot of great comments. I’m glad you have him to remind you of your progress & how fantastic you are.

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