Anxiety and Distraction

Finding something positive to distract yourself is very important when dealing with anxiety. Anxiety has a way of settling in your mind and taking up roots; of trying to convince you of things that aren’t true and making you over-think.

It can be difficult not to fall under the spell of anxiety – not to let it get its claws under your skin. After all, no one likes to struggle with anxiety and when something makes you feel weak, the last thing you feel like doing sometimes is fighting.

However, we have to stand up to anxiety and make it realize that it’s not worth our time. We have to do and think of positive things instead. If you’re lying down over-thinking, try to get up! If you can’t seem to get your mind off of the negative and don’t know what to do, read a book, watch a show or movie, get out of the house if you can! Think about the people you love, the places you love to go,  the things you love to do! Exercise, call someone you trust and like talking to on the phone, go online and surf the web. Do something positive to get your mind off of the negative!

Anxiety can be scary, tiring, and frustrating – I know this. We don’t have to be complacent though or let it take over our lives. We have the power to get through our anxiety and to get our mind focused on better, more positive things!


11 Replies to “Anxiety and Distraction”

  1. I definitely deal myself some distraction cards when I’m either sinking into a slump or worrying about something. This works out well if I’m at work and can just turn on Netflix or a YouTube video to listen to. I hate when something gets into my head while driving though. I tend to do some of my best thinking while driving; often working out dialogue or plot lines for stories, but sometimes my thoughts go more to the anxious end, and that’s never good.

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