The Anonymous Bookaholic Tag!

I was checking out Jenn, Eden, and Caitlynn’s blog, Thrice Read, when I came across this awesome book tag! I decided I would give it a try! Thank you to the bloggers at Thrice Read for checking out some of my blog posts!

What do you Like about Buying New Books?

I like knowing that I’m about to read something that I’ll probably enjoy – especially if the book is by an author I love like Harlan Coben or James Patterson!

How Often do you Buy New Books?

Sadly not that much. I probably get more from the library than I do purchase them.

Bookstore or Online Book Shopping – Which do you Prefer?

Since I don’t go shopping a lot because of my anxiety, I have to go with online shopping.

Do you have a Favorite Bookshop?

Not really anymore. I used to really like Borders though when they were around.

Do you Pre-Order Books?

Sometimes! Especially Harlan Coben books! 🙂

Book Buying Bans – Are they Something for you?


How Big is your Wishlist?

Not big. I want to read Hunted though by James Patterson. It’s one of his Bookshots (shorter books).

How Big is your Wishlist?

Hunted, and….uh…not sure!

Are you a buyer like me or are you more frugal with your book buying?

More frugal.



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