Gilmore Girls : A Year In The Life – Review

Okay guys, I didn’t plan on it but I finished Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life in two days! While it’s still fresh in my mind, I’ve decided to write a review. Warning: Spoilers Ahead…

What I Didn’t Like:

The scene with the musical: The town of  Stars Hollow is throwing a musical – fine. The problem? The scene lasted way too long in my opinion. While I loved Lorelai’s reaction to the whole thing (the looks from side to side saying, ‘Are you serious?’), I thought the whole thing in general was a little obnoxious. Plus, the part when Lorelai walks out and the actress gets all over her – it just didn’t seem to fit with the show.

How some of the scenes seemed forced: I know how they were trying to include everyone, but some of the scenes seemed a little too forced. For example, I loved that Suki was in the show, but waiting until the last minute seemed a little too much. I can’t totally explain it, but some of the show seemed a little pushed.

Rory and Logan’s ongoing affair: I know that Rory’s character isn’t meant to be perfect and that’s fine. However, when we last left Rory before the continuation of the show, she and Logan seemed to split after she said no to his proposal. However, when we returned, they’re carrying on a secret affair?! Can you say, annoying? Not to mention, I think Logan (especially by the end of the show), is an ass. Plain and simple.

Lorelai and Luke’s ‘baby issue’ – I didn’t hate this, but it didn’t totally seemed solved by the end of the show. Sometimes it seemed like Lorelai wanted a baby and at others, it didn’t. I was a little confused.

What I Did Like:

Carol King playing ‘I Hear The Earth Move’ – This was great and it cracked me up! I love the song and love how Taylor didn’t find it catchy! Just a really funny scene!

The Dancing Scene with Logan and Friends – I loved this whole scene including the great music! It was amazing!

Lorelai and her Mother: I liked how they kept the relationship between Lorelai and Emily tense, but at the same time, loving at times. Emily still isn’t a saint after Richard dies, but she still has moments when you can tell that she loves her daughter.

How the Characters Were Put to Good Use – I liked how Jess was put in the show (though I could practically hear the audience clapping as he walked in – it’s just how he randomly showed up). He came in to help out Luke with his mom and he visited Rory and the paper. I also like how they had Lane in the show. I also enjoyed seeing Dean! Seeing Michelle again was great as well. I liked seeing Suki but felt that her not showing up until the end was awkward.

Lorelai and Rory’s Relationship – While maybe not as strong as before, you can tell that the mother and daughter still have an incredible bond. I loved that the creators of the show kept that.

Rory writing a book about her relationship with her mother – I thought this concept was fantastic. So much so, that Lorelai not liking the idea at first pissed me off!

Spoiler Alert: Major spoilers ahead…….

Lorelai and Luke Getting Married – I’m so happy this finally happened! I think they did a great job with it.

‘The last four words’ – I guess everyone is referring the last words as ‘the last four words’, so I’ll do the same. At first I was like, “That’s all we get?”, but after a while, I kind of liked how it ended. It leaves us wanting more, but at the same time, we feel satisfied with the ending (I did anyway). The baby is most definitely Logan’s (it didn’t seem like Rory had seen Paul very recently) and she’ll most likely raise it by herself. Perhaps she’ll end up with Jess in the end since he obviously still has feelings for her. Though, personally, I don’t think she likes him like that anymore. Who knows.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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