November Challenge – November 23rd

Do Apps help or waste your time? Does FaceBook make you feel bad?

Hey guys! Today I’ll be answering two questions in one post since I don’t plan on blogging tomorrow due to the holiday.

So for the first question: Do apps help or waste my time? Well, I think that some apps are helpful (the calendar app, the alarm clock app, the reminder app, Shazam, the notes app, etc.) but I think some are a waste of time. Honestly, other than Shazam, I don’t have any additional apps that didn’t already come with the phone. I do know that some people download apps to help with their anxiety and I think that doing so can be incredibly beneficial for some.

As for Facebook, I honestly don’t have one. Personally, I don’t tend to trust a lot of social media platforms. Therefore, I guess in a way the concept of Facebook does make me feel bad.


In case I don’t do any blogging tomorrow, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and great Thursday tomorrow!


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