November Challenge – November 12th

Do you have good self control?

I think for the most part I do have good self control. Then there are times when I don’t. For example, when it comes to eating potato chips (especially cheddar and sour cream ones), not so much! Seriously, if I didn’t know that I’d end up feeling sick, I’d probably eat most of the bag in one shot! Also, when it comes to playing with my hair, sometimes I find it hard to stop (it’s been a bad habit that I’ve had for years). Other than that, I think I have pretty good self control.

Wanna join the challenge? See the schedule below!

  1. Favourite picture book as a child?
  2. Fond childhood places?
  3. Thing(s) you are most proud of?
  4. Have you been through any official rites of passage? How about unofficial?
  5. What is your role in your family?
  6. Define family.
  7. Do you get on with your siblings?
  8. What’s the story behind how you got your name?
  9. What assumptions people make about you?
  10. What small things have you seen or taken note of today?
  11. What makes you happy?
  12. Do you have good self control?
  13. Are you good at making decisions?
  14. How often do you cry?
  15. Have you ever had any altercations with the police?
  16. How do your relieve stress?
  17. What did you once love, but now hate?
  18. Is doing nothing a waste of time?
  19. What is cluttering your life?
  20. How do you help people, in small ways, in large ways, however?
  21. When’s the last time you did something nice for a stranger?
  22. Who inspires you the most?
  23. Do Apps help or waste your time?
  24. Does FaceBook make you feel bad?
  25. What music are you listening to right now?
  26. What TV shows have mattered to you?
  27. What was the last book you read? Did you enjoy it?
  28. When did you last have a really good conversation?

3 Replies to “November Challenge – November 12th”

  1. I have an addiction to pop-corn. Fortunately, the healthy air-popped kind (but cheese flavoured, so less healthy), but it’s insane. I only get it on special occasions because I go crazy over it.

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