November Challenge – November 11th

What makes you happy?

  • Getting through my anxiety
  • Accomplishing things (both things that I thought I could accomplish and things I didn’t know if I could)
  • Talking to friends
  • Talking to family
  • Being around family and friends
  • Animals
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Watching TV
  • Being able to help others
  • Being talented
  • Getting out of the house and doing well (I know this is like accomplishing things and getting through anxiety, but I think it deserves to be listed separately)
  • Receiving compliments
  • My morals
  • The fact that I don’t try to be someone I’m not
  • My faith
  • The fact that I have family and friends who are there for me and who support me
  • The story I wrote and published
  • The poems I’ve written
  • Other stories I’ve written
  • The fact that I graduated high school and college even though both were difficult due to anxiety
  • My B.A. in English
  • Seeing my family and friends happy
  • The holiday season
  • My birthday

What about you? What makes you happy?


6 Replies to “November Challenge – November 11th”

  1. Oh my…are you ready for this list? Things that make me happy:
    Reading your blog posts! 🙂 You said you like compliments!
    Reading all blog posts
    Music (almost all kinds)
    My husband
    Going to the movies
    Writing – blogs, novels, letters, poems, it doesn’t matter!
    Wine, but especially Cella Lambrusco. It’s my favorite
    Reading in general
    Making crafts
    Playing table top games, my most recent favorite is Cards Against Humanity
    Being with friends and family
    The holidays!!
    Celebrating birthdays & milestones
    Receiving compliments
    Making other people happy
    Doing random acts of kindness
    Sappy Hallmark Christmas movies (I know they’re cheesy, but I’m a sucker!)
    My job
    The little things in life, like the unexpected pleasantries, i.e… The pull through parking space, a coworker bringing me a muffin or doughnut, when my husband sends me flowers for no reason, snail mail, when my best friend shows up for a surprise visit, hearing one of my favorite songs on the radio, etc…

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