Writing Rest in Piece: The Jigsaw to Success

B.W. Ginsburg

As many of you know, Rest in Piece is my first published book. I’ve written several other things before such as poems and other short stories, but never have I really gotten one published. Writing Rest in Piece took about a year and took a lot of work when it came to both the writing and editing process. Even after everything, the story’s still not perfect – no story is. However, I’m still very proud of it and the process in which I embarked upon to get it published!

The Idea Behind Rest in Piece:

The whole puzzle idea in Rest in Piece and really much of the idea behind the story in general came from the fact that my grandpa has always loved putting puzzles together. It was a hobby that when he was younger, he loved. He had this one puzzle upstairs that scared the crap out…

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