Remember Who You Really Are

Many of you who deal with anxiety probably already know this, but it can make you think some pretty irrational things. Not only does it make you doubt yourself in terms of what you can do physically, but sometimes anxiety also makes you doubt other things about yourself – such as your morals, etc. Sometimes you get thoughts in your head that aren’t true and the more you obsess about them, the more you feel convinced that they’re true.

I hate this about anxiety. I pride myself on who I am and sometimes anxiety makes me question myself and even, at times, my beliefs. This can be scary since as I mentioned, I’m really proud of my morals and what I believe as a human being.

We have to remember though who we really are. I’m a caring, loving person who fights for equality, social justice, and support of those who struggle. I’m someone who stands up for those I care for and who tries her hardest not to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m going to fight my hardest to make sure that anxiety does take that away from me or make me doubt what a wonderful person I am.

If you’re someone who over-thinks and obsesses about things that you know deep down aren’t true, but sometimes they feel that way due to anxiety, make sure that you constantly remind yourself of who you really are. Remind yourself that you’re a good person who does and has done great things and then distract yourself in a healthy way, so that you don’t focus on the negative thoughts. Don’t let your anxiety make you doubt how wonderfully kind, loving, and moral you are!


14 Replies to “Remember Who You Really Are”

  1. This is absolutely what I needed to hear right now. My anxiety has gotten to the point lately that I think I’m starting to believe things about myself that aren’t true, which my therapist pointed out today. Thanks for putting it into words!

  2. This was such a positive post and I’m so glad you wrote it. I can already see that it’s helped other people in the comments ^^ you’re so strong, and so right. Anxiety is a thing that NOONE should have to live with to reach their full potential, but I guess we’ll just keep fighting it 🙂 xx

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