Rec’d and Wreck’d – TV Shows: Part 2

Shealea from That Bookshelf Bitch created this awesome feature. I’ve participated a couple of times already and have decided to do it again!

The Rules:

1] Download the Rec’d & Wreck’d header and include it in your post.
[2] Specify what you’re going to Rec’d & Wreck’d. If you were tagged to do a Rec’d & Wreck’d post, let us know and mention the person who tagged you.
[3] List three things you would recommend (rec’d). Rave until your heart’s content.
[4] List three things you would like to wreck (wreck’d). Rant until your heart’s content.
[5] State your challenge for the next Rec’d & Wreck’d post. Here’s an example:
Rec’d & Wreck’d challenge:
– Type: Books
– Genre: YA Contemporary
– Prompt: I’m looking for a book that can make me ugly cry

[6] You can open the challenge to all your blog readers, but you should nominate at least seven (7) people to do your challenge.
[7] Do not forget to link back to the original post on That Bookshelf Bitch. That way, more people can learn about the feature and join in on the fun!

To find out more about Rec’d & Wreck’d, click here!

I will be rec’ding and wreck’ding TV shows!


1.) Legends of Tomorrow: I was late to the party, but I think I’m caught up now. This is a great show and the White Canary kicks ass! The only thing is that if you’ve never seen The Flash or Arrow, you might be a little confused.

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2.) Man with a Plan: While I doubt it will last very long because networks never seem to give Matt Leblanc shows the chances they deserve (other than Friends, of course!), I thought Man with a Plan was really good. Matt Leblanc is hilarious and I liked Liza Snyder too. The show is just really funny so far!

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3.) Frequency: Peyton List and Riley Smith are great in Frequency. I also love the idea of father and daughter being able to communicate through the radio, whilst years apart from each other. In addition to the concept being cool, I like the way they show the cause and effect of changing time. The only issue I have with the show is that it can be a bit repetitive at times.

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Sadly I feel like a lot of my favorite shows have gone down hill. Here’s a few:

1.) The Flash: I was already getting irritated with Barry changing things so many freakin’ times in the past, but once I found out there was yet another ‘speedster’, I couldn’t take it any longer! I think the writers realized that they made a huge mistake, but I don’t think they were able to fix it. It’s too bad too, this show could have been amazing! I’ve officially given up on it.

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2.) Supergirl: I could go on and on complaining about this show. Supergirl was never strong or believable as a superhero to begin with, but now she has like twenty different people helping her! I like her character as an every day human being, but as a superhero, she’s very disappointing. I feel like part of the show’s purpose is to show that women are just as strong as men, but it fails miserably in trying to demonstrate this. Again, this is a show that I’ve stopped watching.

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3.) Arrow: While I haven’t stopped watching Arrow quite yet, I’m getting dangerously close. After Oliver’s amazing team all went their separate ways (the characters are still in the show, but have tiny parts), I’m just not feeling it. Oliver has assembled a new team but none of the members really stick out and the one who does sticks out in a bad way – she’s utterly annoying. The only good thing is that Stephen Amell remains amazing and so does Emily Bett Rickards. David Ramsey and Paul Blackthorne are also still great, but their parts are so small that you can hardly say they’re in the show at all. I’m hoping that changes soon, but I don’t have much hope for the show.

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6 Replies to “Rec’d and Wreck’d – TV Shows: Part 2”

  1. I have seen none of these. Well, my friend B (my best friend B, her real name’s Bec, but I’ve called her B ever since Gossip Girl) made me watch it once. I fell asleep. Deliberately.

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