Hey everyone!

So when I was younger, I was often told that I was impatient. I like to think that I’ve gotten better at this, but once in a while, I just get so excited that I can hardly wait for something. On one hand, I think this is a good thing. It means that I’m excited and looking forward to something great! Who doesn’t want that? However, at the same time, being impatient can really suck.

I was (and am) super excited about something happening in my life. The thing is though that while I thought this certain thing would happen unbelievably soon, I think it may end up taking a little longer than I would have hoped. I’m not going to lie, it bums me out. You should have seen me. I was so full of energy and pep because of this great thing happening and now, I feel like I’ve lost a little bit of that spark.

As hard as it is though to have to wait longer for this wonderful thing to happen, I know that it will happen. I also know that when it does, it’ll feel pretty amazing! I’m realizing that the reason I’m disappointed is because what is happening is so amazing that I don’t want to wait any longer. When you think about it, that’s pretty great. It’s wonderful that I have something going on that’s so special and important to me!

I’m writing this because I know how hard it can be to wait for something that you’re so excited about! You make plans, map things out in your head, and then poof, you hit a snag or find that your plans might be delayed. Even if by delayed you mean an extra week, it can sometimes feel like forever. What I want to remind everyone (including myself) though is that the reason for your impatience is because you’re about to experience something wonderful – something worthwhile, and you don’t want to have it put off. Isn’t that the ultimate dream? That we get to experience something so amazing?

Next time you find yourself growing impatient because something wonderful might take longer than expected, remember how great it is that this amazing thing is going to happen! Don’t lose your excitement! Good things come to those who wait.

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9 Replies to “Impatience”

  1. So true. I’m impatient in the same way as you, and I’m only now learning to pace myself a little. Excitement is a great feeling—such a rush—and when you do finally get what you’ve been waiting for… it feels even sweeter!

    Sometimes, if applicable, I use the wait to prepare myself even better. Or I turn my attention to something else that exites me, to channel my enthusiasm into something productive.

    Anyway, I’m happy for you! Exciting thing! Woohoo!

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