Voting for the First Time!

So it’s official! I voted and sent in my ballot! It feels amazing to know that I’m making a difference, to know that I’m doing all that I can in order to ensure that the right candidate wins the election. They say that each and every vote counts and I really feel like that’s true.

I’ve always been hesitant to vote in the past. I’ve always worried that if somehow the wrong candidate won the election and I happened to vote for that individual, that it would partially be my fault. However, this time I knew in my heart that I had to vote. I knew in my heart that I had to have my voice heard. I’m hoping and praying that who I voted for wins the election. I’ll tell you one thing, I did NOT vote for Trump. If you want to read my post about not voting for Trump, click here.

Maybe it seems like it, but this post isn’t just about not voting for Trump. This post is about voting in general and the importance of voting for someone who will bring peace to the world and not hate and/or destruction. This post is about the fact that voting is something that feels amazing – especially when you know in your heart and mind that you’re voting for the right person. Don’t think that voting is worthless or unimportant. It’s the exact opposite.

I’m proud that I voted and I’m proud of who I voted for. Hopefully the candidate I voted for will win and continue to make me proud!

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