America …. What The Fuck?

I live in America but I totally agree with Carla (okay maybe not about the tea, but about Trump!). How is Trump even a candidate?!

nudge. wink. report.

Dear America,

I don’t get you. At all.

I mean, firstly, this confusion started when I discovered you don’t really do tea. Or have kettles.

Image result for cup of tea

This is a mistake on your part, America. Tea – proper tea, brewed tea – is amazing. And not having kettles is seriously weird.

Also, I’ve always been flabbergasted by the fact that you don’t use the Metric system. I mean, Celsius and metres, Americans. Come the fuck on.

Image result for you guys to celsius

However, things have gotten more serious than your lack of tea and kettles and the fact that you use Fahrenheit and not Celsius.

Donald Trump is potentially going to be your next President, and we need to seriously talk about this, because it’s one thing to have shitty coffee and pumpkin spice lattes and no kettles for your tea, but it is another to be this close to the election when a sexist, misogynistic, racist, bigot…

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5 thoughts on “America …. What The Fuck?

  1. I totally agree – I don’t understand how Drumpf (if you don’t get the reference, watch John Oliver’s segment on Trump) is a candidate. But, I don’t understand why Americans don’t like tea either! I love tea.

    • Yeah, as usual Carla wrote a great post! I must admit though again, that I’m not a fan of tea. I’ve heard the reference to Trump by the way but don’t fully understand it. I might just have to check out the segment. Thanks! I hope you’re doing well!

      • Oh no!! Tea is the second thing we disagree on!! Noooooooo!!!

        Just kidding. 😉

        So you don’t have to search around for it, here’s the link to John Oliver’s Trump segment on Last Week Tonight, if you’re interested in watching it (no pressure if you aren’t!). It’s about 20 minutes long, but, in my humble opinion, it’s totally worth watching all of it. Not only is John Oliver fantastically funny, his British accent is totes cute! LOL

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