I just filled out my ballot for the election and am super excited! I thought I would try to get everyone in the mood for voting with some pictures!

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16 Replies to “Voting!”

  1. I’d love to be able to vote in America – especially this year! Whoever doesn’t want to vote, I totally volounteer to take on the voting on their behalf!
    Jokes aside, I wish people would take voting more seriously and see it for what it really is – and to understand that it’s a privilege that some people in other countries don’t get.

  2. I will be voting, but I am not excited for it this year, as both candidates suck!! My heart is heavy! I can’t believe Trump has come as far as he has, and it’s looking more & more like he’s going to win because the majority of Americans are tired of a Democrat in office! Trump said himself he could kill somebody on the street & people will still vote for him, and the sad part is, he’s right. 😦

      1. I have it recorded! I can’t wait… I don’t agree with Trump’s politics. What I mean is when he said he could shoot some random person on the street & he would not lose his voters, he is correct. Look at how his voters have stood by him regardless of the idiotic, racist, bigoted remarks that have come out of his mouth.

      2. Oh, okay! Wow he said that? What an ass! But sadly, that seems true which I don’t get. I also don’t get how any women or other minorities can vote for him. I mean, seriously?! Do they not hear all the horrible things he’s said? I know that it doesn’t necessarily reflect on Trump, but I guess his son said that if women don’t want to be sexually abused in the work place, they shouldn’t work unless they’re kindergarten teachers. What the hell?

      3. Oh, I have always loved Mary!! I saw that they brought her back! I’ve been catching up with season 11, so I can be current with season 12. There’s just so much going on right now, but I plan on binge watching some this weekend!!

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